Creative ADD?

I often find myself feeling like I’m trying to physically split myself into multiple beings. One Crystal to write fiction, one to write poetry, one to create music, one to start an epic podcast about the awesomeness of video games, and one to work. Notice how work is last. Exhaustion is turning me into a bitch about work (sorry Amazon).

But of course, doing this would be impossible (and probably pretty painful) so I’m trying my best to juggle everything all at once. And I have to say that considering the lack of time and energy, I think I’m doing fairly well!

My dream is to be a part of an awesome video podcast with a few other even more awesome people, but I’ve always been a bit of a “lone wolf” when it comes to creating things. It’s tough for me to follow the schedule of another people when my own is a bit demanding, and it’s difficult for me to say “Okay, you have the reins over this part of the team.” But it doesn’t stop me from wanting to try! I just need the right people to help (any serious, technologically knowledgeable people interested? Did that even make sense?).

After leaving the commentating scene, I find myself wanting to get back into it, but frankly I just don’t have anything interesting to talk about. I was always the bullshitter in high school that wrote about the same thing every time (just with different words). I think commentating over video games requires a specific type of entertaining person, and frankly I just don’t think I’m it. I enjoy conversations and reactions. I like being able to connect with the people that listen to me, to know what they want to hear and see. Talking to myself on a computer just isn’t satisfying enough.

Maybe something will eventually start.

Or maybe I’m just ranting because I’m dealing with something like this:


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