Old Poems – Reflection Pt. 1

If you’ve kept up with the poetry I’ve written and released in the past, and you’ve read my last blog, you may think that this poem was written with insincere feeling. In a way, I can agree with that. I do know that I wasn’t really in love when I wrote this, and at that time, I dedicated it to someone that wasn’t in any way deserving. But that doesn’t make the meaning behind it any less true. It just makes the last few lines even more true. And now, I can at least look forward to someday dedicating this to someone that actually inspires this feeling, instead of trying to convince myself that there is real sunshine in the middle of a dark thunderstorm.


My heart is just born,
But Sees just like innocence,
The good you are and have become.
And in return, I become something more,
A beauty because you have witnessed it,
A kindness because you have conjured it,
A feeling like water
That never changes and always flows
As every touch makes me weep,
And every breath fills me.
There was no beginning and will be no end,
I longed for you before I could long
And loved you before I could love.
A madness I acknowledge,
And a truth I grasp.


2 thoughts on “Old Poems – Reflection Pt. 1

  1. “I thought you were there
    But I was wrong,
    I have nothing but the madness
    n you caused it my love…”

    Love this poem Crystal, So I also tried to give my idea also in a poetic way šŸ˜‰

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