Say No, Sweet Pea – Valentine’s Day


There’s something about Valentine’s Day that leaves everyone frenzied and mostly very annoying. It’s like everyone warps back into the elementary school mentality where you’re not cool if you don’t get gifts. Everyone HAS to be with someone. Desperation multiplies dramatically.

Last Valentine’s Day, I was with someone absolutely horrific, someone that no doubt ripped out the worst in me, and it showed in an awful way (there’s still a hole in the wall of my old bedroom). Looking back, I know I would have been much happier alone, and this year when Valentine’s Day rolled around, I found myself laughing at the people that moaned over not having “someone special” to share it with.

There are worse things than being alone.

I’m okay by myself. I wish everyone else could be okay by themselves. I think if more people cherished the peace of singularity, then love would be more sacred and genuine, instead of false and desperate. Valentine’s Day is a fabricated sentence on a forgettable Hallmark card.

Just like many people I know.


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