Random Mumblings

There’s just too much to do.

Outside of normal responsibilities, there’s just no time or not enough talent to accomplish anything before a new idea decides to show up. Creativity can be a double-edged sword sometimes, but of course it’s one that I continue to use. And while I keep cutting myself with that, Dad keeps mumbling about survival, the world, about how none of us would be able to live off the earth for ourselves if the world decides to swallow up the grocery stores and the mass food providers. Which randomly made me think about The Hunger Games (which everyone should read).

So now that just gives me something else to think about while I try to write in my blog, write my poetry, write my fiction, set random poems to music, and figure out what to record when I decide to jump back into commentating. But I know that I can say one thing:

At least I forced a blog out of all of this.


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