Playstation Orbis – A Rant

An article on Kotaku has revealed that Sony’s next-gen console, identified as Orbis, has many changes coming into play that may just turn away customers instead of excite them. Supposedly planned for a 2013 holiday season release, the details about the console have left numerous Sony fans disappointed and even disgusted by the dark path gaming is seemingly beginning to take.

Many people (me strongly included) were beyond disappointed when the Playstation 3 dropped the ability to play PS2 games. Fortunately, I’m still able to enjoy Playstation classics like Final Fantasy 7 & 8, but I desperately miss popping in some GTA Vice City and San Andreas. Sources are saying that the Orbis has no plans to offer backward compatibility for PS3 games. My awesome gaming collection may eventually just nostalgically attract dust.

“Well, maybe you can trade games in and obtain credit for the newer ones.”

Gamestop thrives off of used games (as do gamers), and unless I anxiously purchase a new release, the majority of my collection is used. Unfortunately, the Orbis will have anti-used games measures “built into the console.” Orbis users will be forced to either buy new games on a Blu-Ray disc or as a PSN download. And if you buy the disc, it has to be locked to a single PSN account.

Of course, trading in the disc will still be possible, but unfortunately for people that enjoy buying used games, there will be an additional fee to activate the game’s full version. Kotaku says that “it’s believed used games will be limited to a trial mode or some other form of content restriction, with consumers having to pay a fee to unlock/register the full game.”


So, I walk in and buy a used game for say $30, and I’m not allowed full access simply because it’s a used game? How much will it take to activate it, and will it affect the general prices for the used games? For example, can I walk into Gamestop and purchase a used game for $20, tacking on around another $10 to obtain full access? If that’s the case, then maybe it won’t be too bad.


But if you’re one of the unfortunate ones that do not have internet access, then you’re supposedly out of luck anyway. Apparently, you’ll need a PSN account AND be online to even get your game started.

So as a first impression of the next-gen console, I’m not excited or impressed at all.

The PS3 is more than satisfying and has a technological capability that I believe can be extended and explored. I personally don’t feel the need to invest in a next-gen console as long as interesting PS3 games continue to appear. However, if Sony has to release one, then they at least need to offer up some information that will attract customers! As a consumer, I enjoy the ability to replay older games. I enjoy quiet time offline to enjoy games. I enjoy letting friends borrow games until they can get their own copies. I enjoy buying used games. I enjoy holding power over my console, because after spending nearly $400 for it, I expect it to be mine.

Sony can spew out all the technological specs all they want. They can brag about the power of their new machine all they want. But as a gamer that simply enjoys playing games, I’m not impressed. I can only hope that these rumors are simply rumors, because if this information holds true to Sony’s new Orbis, then I’ll be stretching out the life of my PS3 for as long as I can.

The way I see it? Keep care of your older consoles. They may be the only systems left to offer “freedom” within the gaming world.


3 thoughts on “Playstation Orbis – A Rant

  1. Here here! I agree with everything on your post. I was so disappointed with this rumor, none of it sounds exciting, it just seems like more of a profit scheme for Sony and the consumers lose out. What happened to gaming companies striving to create the next awesome game for gamers? If you make a great game, the profit will come naturally. And forcing everyone to have an online PSN account just to play games when some people don’t have Internet and PSN got hacked last year? I don’t have much faith in that. It all around bums me out and I intent to hold on to my older consoles as long as I can as well. Great post crystal, keep it up!

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