Xena the Movie … As a Video Game?

Back in 1995, I’m pretty sure no one honestly understood just how massive Xena: Warrior Princess would become. At that time I was merely a tiny five year old that enjoyed having a female heroine to watch outside of Power Rangers, but it was a show that embedded itself into my life and it’s become an important part of my past. More importantly, it’s still influential to me today, and I can’t think of anything else (entertainment wise) that has stuck with me so personally and emotionally.

I understand that this blog probably won’t attract many of my “gaming” readers, but there’s a plethora of Xena fans out there that may see this and think, “Maybe this is actually a pretty damn good idea!”

…At least I hope.

Nearly every Xena fan inwardly hopes for a Xena movie, me included. And we have had our hopes shot down (even though I know we’re all still hoping). And it made me wonder. What else could be created to satisfy our craving for this show?!

A video game.

Xena already has a place in the video game world. In 1999, the Playstation released a Xena game that tried to stick with a Xena-like story along with voice actors and plenty of fighting and Chakram action, but it fell under the mark with voice actors that were obviously not the real actors from the show. As a fan, it was enough to disappoint me. But it’s still enjoyable now with the nostalgic feeling it brings.

The Nintendo 64 game The Talisman of Fate was released in 1999 as well, offering an unique look into the Xenaverse with a fighting game that introduced all of the popular characters from the show. Not being a fan of fighting games (I’m the lame, spastic button presser), it became boring pretty quickly, but it was awesome just in the fact that it included so many characters that I loved. Plus nostalgia. I’m big on nostalgia.

A Gameboy Color game was released in 2001, and it sucks to say that I’ve never played it. But all of this just makes a point. Xena could find a place within the gaming industry if developers created a game worthy of the show. Which means…

1)      INCLUDE THE ACTORS FROM THE SHOW! This is probably the most important “rule” to me. Voice acting has become big alongside the ability to make long, intricate, well-told games. There are many popular actors with “game” credits in their resume nowadays. Lucy Lawless recently voiced Seraphine in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (which I plan to get my hands on) and honestly… she has the chops to turn anything into something brilliant. Duh.  Ares would be a sore subject no matter what kind of project was created. The God of War made a huge impact with fans, primarily because Kevin Smith made that role. I could see allowing another actor to lend their voice to a virtual version of Ares, but it would have to be a convincing role.

2)      Stay true to the television show. Every fan of the show knows that outside of fanfiction and our own tortured minds, Xena is dead. Although a game doesn’t necessarily have to focus on how she comes back to life, it should include some insight and definitely the huge scene that reunites Xena and Gabrielle in the living. There are so many things that can happen here and creativity would go a loooong way!

3)      Create an open world experience that would introduce gamers to the exotic, beautiful aspects of the ancient world. With games like Skyrim out, you can’t tell me that it would be impossible to create gorgeous atmospheres to roam around in.

4)      Switch viewpoints. If the game does center around bringing Xena back to life, then give the gamer the controls of Gabrielle as she struggles with her life without the Warrior Princess by her side. At least until Xena is truly back alive (although it would be wicked to control Xena within a limbo-type afterlife). Maybe we can find Akemi and smack her a few times as well.

5)      I think about this and I giggle constantly since I keep returning to the thought of Dragon Age. Allow romance! I’m kind of in between serious and not-so-serious (especially if Ares just doesn’t hold the same impact in a game. I miss Kevin Smith.) about this subject, but it could possibly inject an interesting subplot. Same sex relationships have nearly become “the norm” in a video game, as long as the gamer has choices. I could see a triangle forming between Xena, Gabrielle, and Ares. Oh lord the drama and hilarity that would erupt!

Video games that focus on particular characters, especially characters from movies/television shows, seem to be pretty difficult to form while still sincerely staying true to the characters and vibe that the fans are used to. But to build a playable story that would satisfy our yearning for more things Xena? It would be amazing!

Xenites, let me know what you think! Do you think a Xena game could possibly work? Share your ideas and thoughts with me! Give me some details! Better yet, send this to other fans (even actors from the show) and see if we can push out some responses. Even if the possibility of a game is just completely impossible, it would still be fun to imagine (and maybe come up with even better ideas).

12 thoughts on “Xena the Movie … As a Video Game?

  1. Your blog makes me so happy! I used to LOVE watching Xena as a child, but I never finished the series. Six months ago I bought the whole shabang and now my best friend and I are going through it together (we’re on season 4)! She and I are actually planning on being Xena and Callisto this Halloween! We’ve talked a zillion times about how a nice Xena RPG would be soooo badass…it kills us that there isn’t! Glad to see that there are others out there who still appreciate the Warrior Princess ❤

    • You are automatically a really really cool person! There’s a desperate hope within the fandom that a movie will eventually be made. I, however, appreciate the other ways of telling a good story.

      …Or maybe I just want all things Xena.

      • Thank you, thank you! And trust me- the feeling is mutual! Ever since I “rediscovered” Xena… I find ways to emulate her in real life. When I go to Muay Thai: Kick like Xena! Warrior cry?…Why not! Horseback riding: Yah, Argo! (Horse’s name is totally not Argo lol)

        I think you’re idea of a Xena game that really immerses you into her universe is brilliant! Skyrim (current favorite) is the perfect example! Switch out wolves for centaurs, dragons for harpies, bandits for warlords… the possibilities are endless! Gods would drop in occasionally and screw everything up… it would be hilarious! Can you imagine putting the pinch on baddies to attain information you desperately need? Who hasn’t dreamed of having that ability! Talking about it almost makes me sad because I knowww it would be so awesome, but it seems like they’re never going to do it! With the technology we have today, and the demand for games with good plots, characters, etc… there is simply no excuse.

        Why gods, why?

      • There would be so many elements you could contribute that would make the game extremely interactive! The small things like being able to do the pinch on someone… I’d have wayyyyy too much fun with that!

  2. you kinda did write this one long time ago, and blame me for not coming across it earlier, but i m sometimes too lazy to go around searching for new things although internet is one never ending sphere of info ^^

    but after all i came across your blog and this particular text and I do think that anything Xena related would work NOWADAYS if only they respected the show, created the things completely related to the show in every aspect… but I know that no one is probably at all aware of what a success Xenaverse revived nowadays would be! Or maybe Robert Tappert is aware and is eating his ass off for selling the copyrights to universal or whomever! He made the biggest mistake EVER!

    And for example I like Xena comics, bat those Dark Horses issues, as they tried to stay as close to the story as possible and tried to picture Lucy and Renee as best as possible too, above all. 🙂

    much love fella Xenite 😀

  3. @”Angel’sHeart.” I am fairly certain that marrying Lucy Lawless (Xena) probably left him with no regrets at all, even if it did screw ‘Hercules’ over, not to mention create a huge conflict of interest. . . At any rate, I would indeed love to see this franchise made into an open ended RPG. Skyrim, like the last two Elder Scrolls games before it, makes available a Construction Set that even layman can make games out of, so a Xena game is not at all out of the question. I myself would make one but I lack a gaming computer and sufficient time 😉

  4. This had occured to me..=why i found your comments. And it made me smile. A xena open world (sandbox). Start with a greek map..dlc later. It could be huge. Yes, keep the relationship between xena and gabby..but leave options for the player. Multiple paths/storylines..different endings. Some kind of karma system?. And with the next gen..ps4 and xbox one..it would be like being in an episode of xena yourself. I think its a WONDERFUL idea 🙂

  5. Wow, I’m so glad people are still posting on this blog! It notified me by email and I had almost forgotten about it.
    Since I last commented on this, I finished the series. I then went to a Xena Warrior Princess Convention in Burbank, California and met Lucy, Renee, Hudson (Callisto) and many more actors and writers from the show! Have any of you fellow Xenites gone to a Con? Next February is the last one in the States! It’s a wonderful time and so far like a bajillion guests have already been confirmed!! Who knows, there might be someone there who could get the ball rolling on an open world Xena RPG finally…..

    • Welcome back! I’m so jealous that you’ve been to a convention! I’ve always wanted to be able to make it to one, but I’m not sure if it’ll happen now that it’s ending. I’m still on board for a Xena RPG, though! I think it would be a fantastic idea.

  6. I am truly happy, as well, to see you all still talking over this very topic and blog post 🙂 Thank you for starting it, once more! 🙂

    It also akes me happy that Easton went to the convention in the meantime 🙂 That is a great thing! What were Lucy and Renee like then with the audience and fandom? 🙂

    I so desperately wanted to attend the last con , I had enough money to buy the ticket and book the place somewhere but instead I had to redirect the money to my further education… I am left with the hope I ll see Lucy and Renee somewhere else someday and I ll work on that 😀

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