Mash Up – Catching Fire, EA Targeted by Anti-Gay Campaign

Catching Fire

I may be a tad bit late (considering Amazon takes up all my time during the weekends), but I’ve started to see reports that Gary Ross, the director of the Hunger Games, will not be returning to do Catching Fire. Anyone that has been keeping tabs on the sequel has probably read about Ross butting heads with Lionsgate about the next installment.

To the fans of the first movie, does the possibility of a new director worry you? As we all know, directors tend to creatively “see” things differently. Gary Ross did a fantastic job with The Hunger Games (although I credit the involvement of Suzanne Collins for a lot of it). Do you think a new director will “ruin the flow of the movie” so to speak? And if not, do you have any opinions about who should direct Catching Fire?

But onto what I’m excited about…

Who should play the role of Finnick? When I read the books, my vision tended to switch between younger versions of Jensen Ackles and Ian Somerhalder. They both play the sarcastic, douche bag with a heart of gold character amazingly. Damn it, Jensen, look younger and audition! It may be an aged topic, but who do you think should be Finnick?

EA Targeted by Anti-Gay Campaign

Once again my disgust toward people returns. Although normally my disgust never truly leaves.

EA, also known as the most hated company, is now the target of an anti-gay letter-writing campaign, with letters often carrying threats to boycott EA games unless they change their policy.

Dragon Age (even the second one) and Mass Effect (I recently started the second one) are definitely favorites, and I enjoy unlocking the different events and dialogue that comes with different relationships. My female warden has enjoyed the company of Alistair and Leliana. I thought about perusing Zevran but he kind of freaks me out. No offense, little elf.

Merrill is absolutely adorable in Dragon Age 2. Thankfully I don’t know anyone like her in real life… otherwise I’d never be able to say no to her. Dangerous that Merrill is.

My female Shepard kind of got involved with Jacob, but after being with Liara, she just couldn’t get involved with anyone else. Especially some dude from Cerberus. *gasp* You mean female Shep was interested in a black man and a blue female alien?! Gosh, EA, that’s just horrible. Just horrible.

Honestly, these “anti-gay” people need to calm down. If EA was physically forcing them to buy and play their games with a homosexual character then I could maybe possibly understand the anger…but unfortunately that’s not happening. Yes, unfortunately.  People do tend to focus on the ridiculous things, however. It reminds me of high school where teachers sent students to detention for wearing pants with rivets but yet their education was slim to none.

Gay relationships don’t equal torture porn. They’re not causing world hunger. They’re not stealing money from the poor. And they’re not being shoved down your throat. An easy solution if you’re disgusted by a game that can include a homosexual romantic subplot?

Don’t play it.

But wait! Maybe writing letters will magically make all gay people disappear! Someone else could write a letter and make all Jewish people disappear. Or maybe write a letter that will make all books disappear! OR maybe there are letters that will magically form a little square mustache on your face.

Hate is such a fantastic idea.

Please notice my sarcasm on your way out.

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