Massive GTA 5 Rumors Surface?


That saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” comes to mind, but it’s difficult for me to not address surfaced rumors. Especially about a game I’m desperately anticipating! Rockstar’s GTA 5 is, of course, causing a huge stir in the gaming world, revealing only miniscule details about the game, saying that no new details regarding GTA 5 will be revealed until after Max Payne 3 is released in May. Needless to say, gamers are viciously craving more information.

Have our hopes been answered?

Supposedly a graphics designs major at Full Sail University has leaked some major information. Brendan, claiming to have had a “12 month contractual agreement as an intern for Rockstar Games, claims to have gathered a bit of information on the game and has shared a mouthful of details.” Whether this information is true or not (and I’m very skeptical), it definitely ignites my need for more things Grand Theft Auto.

1)      The map is comprised of “5 ‘main’ populaces within the one County of Los Santos.” It’s supposedly split into three different “provinces: The Greater Naranja Area, Los Puerta, and Greater Los Santos.” The map is also supposedly larger than three Liberty Cities combined with countryside, two airports, a private airfield, and a military base.

2)      In the reveal trailer, the main letting down the convertible top is the main character. His name is “Adrian, just a normal guy, dangerously enticed by the sight of ‘easy’ money.” Your character can be customized, and the clothing has been improved. Every article of clothing the pedestrians wear should also be available to your character. Working out and body building will be included, affecting the way your character’s body appears. Buying food is also possible but doing so will not affect your physique. Food is simply used to obtain more health.

3)      Activities outside of the story will return with strip clubs, drinking, drug trade, fight club, base-jumping, and racing. Other awesome activities will be added like surfing, card games, dice, hang-gliding, rock climbing, car shows, off-roading, hiking, and legal gambling.

4)      Your character will be able to interact with girlfriends. They will all have their own benefits (similar to GTA4), this time with “more variety of attribute boots to unlock. This gives the player more reason to pick and choose girls, keeping them or dumping them at will.”

5)      Safehouses will actually have safes in them. You can hold numerous items in it like drugs, money, and jewelry. Guns will still lay around in the open for easy access but apparently rare weapons can be stored.

6)      You can sell drugs and barter with strangers that will approach you. “If the stranger is asking for $200 of acid and you have said product in hand then you can make a quick buck and keep strolling, but let’s say you left the acid in the safe and only have weed on you, you can either decline to trade and keep moving or hold him up at gun point for his cash and make a quick break for it.” Or just shoot the guy and run.

7)      Adrian can get drunk. He doesn’t smoke weed, but certain situations can supposedly “make him high.” Brendan states, “For instance, driving in a car with the passenger smoking with the windows up results in you getting high. Another case, is maybe tossing molotovs in a field of marijuana and standing in the smoke, once again getting Adrian buzzed.” Hard drugs are forbidden to use but can still be sold.

8)      Money doesn’t fall from pedestrians after killing them. You can pick pocket them for cash and other items.

9)      Weapon skills have been improved. Shooting mechanics can be increased in a particular weapon class depending on your XP. “Using a certain weapon over and over increases experience and lowers the effects of recoil, improve aiming speed, and reloading times.” You can also aim and shoot while climbing ladders or hanging on “ledges, ropes, and vehicles.” Also, you can use human shields.

10)   Bicycles are back: BMX, beach-cruisers, and two-seaters. Trains, subway systems, and buses will have scheduled routes, and taxis will also be available for transportation. Aircrafts can be flown and range from “passenger planes and private jets to vintage bi-pods and VTOL’s.”

11)   “Money will be harder to get this time around yet easily attained with a multitude of things to do to attain it. Everything will be scaled to a near realistic scale in terms of realistic payout amounts, pricing on clothing, food, realty and housing, vehicles, venues, tolls, and business buy-in. For example, the Enus Cognoscenti XLR (based on the Maybach Exelero) will cost a cool 1.2 million dollars and be only availavle online through Auto Eroticar’s website. Pricey, but worth it. A safehouse will range from $150 one-time save motels to million dollars homes and anywhere in between. This time around, a safehouse’s (whether house, loft, flat, or condo) price range will vary depending on location and be tallied as a whole years worth of rent, example. an apartment with worth 1,000 dollars rent monthly will be 12,000 dollars to buy in-game and so on.”


Frankly, I’m highly skeptical (as everyone should be with information like this). It seems highly unlikely for an intern to waltz into Rockstar, collect all of this information, and be able to leak all of it without huge repercussions. Brendan goes into huge detail about a lot of the information leaked. If all of this is just a feeble attempt to trick anticipating gamers, Brendan is definitely one creative person that has taken way too much time to develop these details. But regardless, I think some awesome ideas have been included.


Although his grammar could be dramatically improved…






27 thoughts on “Massive GTA 5 Rumors Surface?

    • Whether or not these rumors are true (like I said, I’m skeptical), GTA 5 is going to be amazing. GTA 4 surpassed my expectations! I can’t wait to see all of the new things that will be added.

      • I know it’s going to be good regardless. As long as you can still run around and do whatever you want, it will be amazing. That is why GTA is so well known, because of the freedom and things like that. I wish you could finally go into all stores, that would be epic!

      • Oh, I know! I’ve always been more into the freedom/realistic view of the maps. It would be awesome to be able to free roam and interact with stores, etc. I did hear that players may have to refuel cars! For some reason, I think that’s awesome.

      • The whole car thing is awesome. The more realistic, the better. Your post got me pretty darn excited now, if its actually all true!

  1. I hope it’s as fun as Vice City, which is my favourite GTA. There is something appealing about more realism than was already on show in GTA 4 but at the same time I loved the quirkiness of San Andreas. Not sure if I’d actually want to play “GTA: The Sims”, although if there is a decent online multiplayer it could be very interesting.

    • When I was younger, I always wanted a combination of GTA and The Sims. I thought the idea was the greatest idea ever thought of. …A part of me still believes that.

      • I’d love for there to be multiplayer-influenced singleplayer haha. There should be a separate neighbourhood for your singleplayer endeavours, where you can build your character and do missions. But wouldn’t it be awesome to have the huge city be a multiplayer hub for people to co-operate which you can commute to whenever it pleases you. There could also be outward influences on your neighbourhood, like if a large amount of the players in the city were dealing drugs, your neighbourhood might get an abundance of crime coming in. I think I’ve just lost track now haha.

  2. ^ That sounds a little crazy, myabe in like GTA 6 or 7, but it still would be epic the whole offline, online thing! The Sims and GTA combo would be freaking amazing.

  3. Haha, where you could make a fully customizable character, make friends with “neighbors” and still be able to free roam the map, which means including all of the activities like drinking, surfing, strip clubs, etc. That would be a game to get addicted to.

  4. That would be so awesome, like seriously. The whole Sims thing and GTA combined.With trying to make your chracter happy and have friends. I swear I would never leave my house again, that game would be so epic. Maybe they shouldn’t make it actually lol

    • I wouldn’t want it to necessary mimic The Sims by forcing you to make sure you keep your character’s bladder in check haha. But customizing your home, having a car (or stealing a bunch), inviting people to your home, and even creating rampages throughout town would be amazing!

      I think it would be difficult to create a balanced game, though, especially if you’re incorporating GTA-like things. It would suck to build a gorgeous house and then have someone shoot up the place.

  5. Well i mean it doesnt have to be that crazy. Just put some of the things in from The Sims. I guess they can have water guns instead of real guns or something, so you don’t ruin your house lol The whole customization would be fun as heck. I swear that we need to call up the game developers and tell them about this!

    • No kidding! Hey, game developers, read our incredible ideas and give us some jobs! Jeez. My life would be pretty much euphoric if I could make a living by writing/developing video games.

  6. I doubt they well read our amazing ideas lol They are too busy couting there freaking money, argh. I wish I knew what “euphoric” thats such a big fancy word lol But writing and devloping games would be a dream job!

  7. i cant understand why people actually enjoyed GTA4. You cant enjoy GTA4 and freedom at the same time, There were too many responsibilities. The greatest GTA edition for me was san andreas, They need to follow on from that the whole cheesy storyline and characters were great. If you want reality GO OUTSIDE!

      • The customization and atmosphere in San Andreas was amazing, and definitely something I’d like to revisit. The extras in that game were what made it fun, especially for someone like me that enjoyed free roaming way more than beating missions.

  8. What if we got to choose dialog like we did in Mass Effect? Have several different ways to play out a mission? What if they installed a “Paragon/Renegade” type system? What if we could choose which side of the law we want to be on? Which would eventually dictate how our game played out rather than the old GTA set storyline. I know they did that in GTA4 when you had the choice to either kill someone or let them go.

    • I love this idea simply for the fact that I’m a huge fan of consequence systems (and of course Mass Effect). But in GTA, I don’t think it would be a good idea. The one thing that has remained constant in the series is the tone of every story. You’re a character meant to be played outside of the law, and because of this, the storylines are darker and sometimes even brutal. I enjoyed the consequences that came by making the decision of whether or not to kill a certain character, but shifting the tone toward a system similar to Mass Effect could demolish GTA’s normal attraction.

      However, if this did happen, I would most likely still enjoy it!

  9. If these rumors were true, I would easily run out and blow $60 dollars on this. Heck, I’d even buy a copy for a friend. The possibilities of escaping from your every day boring life, to a virtual experience in which you can play through yourself, is amazing. I’d love the task to have to refill your car. The leveling up for each gun class would add tons more depth to which gun you use to get sweet revenge. Realistic pricing? I love that! Imagine you just sold a bag of weed for $100 bucks, (theoretically), you then could go and buy a new shirt, or better yet, a bigger bag of weed! This makes you an entrepreneur! I’d also like to be able to roll windows up and down controllable, just to make you feel like you’re the one actually experiencing it. The mentioning of all of those activities has got me very impatient, rock climbing, hiking, off roading… This will give the game ENDLESS replay value, rendering you very entertained. There is only one thing that I would like to add to the possibilities… ZOMBIES. That would be the best way to add to the game in ANY WAY. Being able to use your own leveled up arsenal against defenseless, brain eating zombies would make the game a masterpiece. Just like Saints Row The Third, with more realism. If this isn’t a possibility, I’d suffice for a DLC that I’d be willing to pay $100 bucks for.

    • Zombies in GTA would be amazing. Especially if free roaming was still intact, with the normal civilians reacting to the “apocalypse” (people fleeing, fighting, dying, etc.). I think as a DLC it would add a fantastic expansion. It worked well for Red Dead!

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