Better Business Bureau Says Mass Effect 3 WAS Falsely Advertised

Honestly, I’m almost to the point now where every time I hear someone complain about Mass Effect 3’s ending, I roll my eyes and change the subject. Either that or I tell them that as a Joss Whedon fan… they need to get over it (I miss you, Tara)! But then again, I haven’t played Mass Effect 3 yet. I’m still stuck in the bliss of Mass Effect 2 where Shepard keeps visiting the new blue Shadow Broker, secretly hoping that initiating a conversation with Liara will magically create new dialogue. Shepard wants some blue babies.

BUT, I do plan on getting Mass Effect 3 eventually, and maybe after I finish it, I will also be one of the “whining” gamers. Maybe I’ll write a follow-up blog after that happens. But I’ll return to my point. Was Mass Effect 3 falsely advertised? The BBB says yes!
“The issue at stake here is, did Bio Ware falsely advertise? Technically, yes, they did. In the first bullet point, where it states ‘the decisions you make completely shape your experience’, there is no indecision in that statement. It is an absolute.”

But comparing this to other details, does this statement even matter? A movie doing well in the box office may be advertised as the Movie of the Year, but does that mean I’ll walk out of the theater thinking the same? No, usually I’m thinking that I need more popcorn.

I could tell you that my microwavable cheeseburgers are the greatest thing your taste buds will taste, but you could take a bite and think it’s the most horrendous thing ever (and no, I don’t eat microwavable cheeseburgers). But obviously this is different than Bioware stating “the decisions you make completely shape your experience.”

Ultimately, none of this matters. A DLC will be released in the summer, one that will probably still disappoint gamers everywhere, and we’ll all be simply yelling in circles over this predicament. I guess I’ll either cry momentarily over a sad ending, or I’ll just shut the game off early and pretend that Shepard and Liara found their happy ending and are running around with blue children somewhere in the stars.



13 thoughts on “Better Business Bureau Says Mass Effect 3 WAS Falsely Advertised

    • *gasp* You don’t know what a grilled cheese is?! Basically it’s a cheese sandwich that’s err… grilled. I often put tomatoes on it as well. Very yummy when you’re too lazy to actually cook anything major.

    • I can talk about food all day. 😛

      But yeah, it seems a little ridiculous for people to get THAT upset over a disappointing ending. Yeah, I’d personally enjoy being able to shape my own ending based on my actions/decisions (like Bioware said), but I’m not going to get so heavily torn up over a video game. I think gamers may be hurting themselves over this.

      If I was in Bioware’s shoes, I wouldn’t want to cater to a group of constant complainers. And by offering to “clarify” the ending in a free DLC when people really just want a NEW ending, they’re only digging a deeper grave.

  1. There’s a difference between “the customer’s always right” and “our customers are being whiny bitches”, why would you cave in?

    They should have left it as it is and just taken the criticism, it’s not like people will refuse to buy any BioWare games in the future over this. And if anyone did then they’re not the kind of people you want buying your game anyway, in my opinion.

    • Exactly! If Bioware was in financial danger over the situation, then it would be understandable why such an event would cause such an explosion. But obviously, while the gamers are crying, Bioware is simply giggling in their tubs of cash. I guarantee that if anything else Mass Effect is released, gamers will buy it. Regardless of ME3’s ending and Bioware’s inability to cater to their wants.

  2. I understand that people spent $60 on the game, and I would also have been disappointed if I were in their shoes. But it’s only an experience that usually lasts a few days to a week. The people who made the game invested years of their lives into it, something which few people seem to think about it when they say “the game was awful… ending ruined it…” etc.

    Just enjoy the experience and get over the ending.

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