Skyrim Update Will Enable Kinect Support


This is something I believe could be totally awesome! Bethesda announced that a free title update for Skyrim will be released later this month that will enable Kinect support on the 360. The support will add in more than 200 different voice commands!

Players will be able to lose their voice while screaming Dragon Shouts! But the update will also include menu control, hotkey equipping, and follower commands. Players will also be able to sort items in their inventory by name, weight, and value. So many commands by using just your voice? Count me in! Now all of us can finally release our pent up Fus Ro Dahs… and actually accomplish something by doing so.




3 thoughts on “Skyrim Update Will Enable Kinect Support

  1. it doesnt work on myne
    any ideas why i downloaded the update and nothink cant ewens se that swich in settings to turn kinect intergration on only thing that i have got i a list of comands on Help window in skyrim settings

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