Voice Acting – Starring You


Before voice acting became the norm in gaming, how many of you actually “acted” the text dialogue of your character? Don’t lie! I know I can’t be the only one. The evolution of gaming has enabled us to tackle storylines with an intimacy that leaves us trapped within the notion that we have the power to accomplish anything. Well anything the games allow us to.

We can give characters our faces and our decisions. But what about our voice? Literally.

Imagine just how awesome it would be to be able to record/speak our dialogue through a microphone, giving our character our own voice instead of listening to an actor. Scenes (at least vocally) could be acted out the way we want them to be acted out. Or they can be as awkward or as funny as we want them to be.

I’ll use Mass Effect as an example simply for the fact that I’m still playing the second one, and I’m constantly wishing I could voice my own dialogue instead of simply listening and watching a scene. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy all of the cutscenes, romances, etc. But having a “voice” in the game would make it even more personal, more believable. Then, not only will the game be based purely on my actions, it will be based on my actual responses and the way I react to situations.

However, as a player turned actor, I wouldn’t want to have to improvise all of my dialogue. A script is needed. A game could offer several responses with the choice to speak one of them versus simply selecting one and watching the scene continue.

My inner wannabe actor inside is screaming yes at this idea.


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