But I Want to Feel Like a Real Jedi!


IGN states, “If you’re an adult and a Star Wars fan, then you should know Kinect: Star Wars isn’t made for you.” All of my hopes were immediately shattered. Not that I was too hopeful for a decent Star Wars Kinect game anyway. But for the numerous other adults (I know you’re out there) that wish to showcase their insane Jedi skills on a video game, what would you look for in a “Kinect-type” game?

With technology like the Kinect, PS Move, Wii, etc. swirling around the gaming lifestyle, it makes me wonder if something remotely “realistic” could be developed for Star Wars fans. I’m extremely doubtful. With this technology, I feel like developers should stick with the “less is more” concept. I like it when a game feels natural. If I’m swinging a lightsaber, then I want to feel like I’m swinging a lightsaber.

But with the bugs often spoken of and a lack of movement besides the usual duck, jump, and move-to-the-side techniques, I feel like a sincere Star Wars game will be impossible without more developed technology.

I’m visualizing something like the new Google augmented reality glasses… but for games. Or even virtual reality (but I won’t get into that). If I’m going to be displaying my awesome lightsaber skills, then I want to be able to move and actually interact with what’s going on. Hell, there doesn’t even have to be a story!  Just give me a lightsaber and some challenging enemies.

And just imagine how fun a two-player duel would be in augmented reality.  If developers could pull something like that off…

Here’s the video of Google’s Project Glass. Now just watch this while pretending to wield a virtual lightsaber.


4 thoughts on “But I Want to Feel Like a Real Jedi!

  1. I have fond memories of playing Wii Sports Resort and remember that they actually did a decent job of the “sword swinging” games. Of course there was nothing complex about it but it felt like a good start.

    This is the kind of thing that can be accomplished with a lot of money, but the technology does already exist and I can’t imagine it’ll be long before VR glasses actually do find there way into console gaming.

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