Gaming on a Schedule – Mass Effect

Playing video games started out as a hobby and transformed into a lifestyle, but what happens when time becomes scarce and gaming can only fall on a certain timetable?

Obviously work has damaged my ability to devote time to gaming (as well as blogging, and I sincerely apologize for the dryness here), but in a way, it’s only made my love of gaming even stronger. I’m currently addicted to the Mass Effect series, and I spend an hour every night on a mission, usually only completing one a night before I have to crash and prepare for work. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your own created persona in the middle of an epic, well-told story. When it gets to the point where you think about your story in the middle of work to make your day zip by just a tad bit faster, you know that there’s something special (or unhealthy, but I’m totally denying that) occurring.

My Shepard is a well-tuned paragon, a being that wants to fix as much as possible, and she’s absolutely fixated on a certain blue Prothean expert. I’m pretty sure if Liara existed in real life, I’d follow her around like a lost puppy. There aren’t many games that attract my interest in the characters, but Mass Effect has successfully made me love pretty much all of them. Samara is my favorite next to Liara (I guess I have a thing for asari), and I often wonder what story would develop if Shepard was actually able to successfully ignite a relationship with the strict Justicar (maybe some fan fiction is in the future).

Working at Amazon has changed my life in a dramatic way. I’m happier, healthier, and I feel like an independent person. My arms look like they’ve been attacked by cats (damn you cardboard!), but even in the midst of the pain and exhaustion, I’m a better person for it. It’s disappointing that my exhaustion affects my desire to write and deliver my opinions on anything gaming, but I’m hoping that with time, things will get easier and I’ll become a little more creative. In the meantime, there may be more senseless posts like this one (probably filled with Mass Effect), but if it’s something all you could occasionally enjoy, then I don’t mind sharing my own story. I’d love to hear about your Shepard!

And if the future does contain some random Mass Effect fan fiction, then I suppose I can post all of it here for all of you to enjoy. Or bash. Whatever.

Asari lover out.

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