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I was sitting at my desk last night, lights off, computer on, and my fingers tapping aimlessly against the keyboard thinking, “I NEED to do something different.” I’m a writer. I’ve always been a writer, and as a starving writer, my goals are constant. But the road to achieving those goals is a bit … difficult to walk on. Everyone is doing it now. Writers are becoming authors, selling books, and whether they’re successfully making a profit on them or not… they have accomplished more than I have.

But my mind doesn’t just stop at books.

Don’t get me wrong, my dream is to someday see my name on the bookshelves, but like I said, everyone’s doing it. I need something different. Something more innovative, something people will look at and immediately want to try.

I need to make video games.

I need to make stories interactive.

I need to make people LIVE in my stories.

But I know I can’t do this alone. I’m proposing a challenge to anyone willing to accept. You don’t have to be some college-accomplished kid with a pile of papers proving your qualifications. You simply have to be a lover of games, a team player, and well… some experience would be nice. I want to tentatively make a company of gamers making small-time games, with the idea of expansion sometime far into the future (there’s no time to dwell on that now).

Check out RPG Maker online (or any other program), test the trials, see if you can develop games (because this is the most important factor). There are other talents needed, but all of those talents will simply waste if no committed developers are in the mix.

Here’s what I’m looking for:


Game Developers


Graphics Designer

PR/Community Support

FAQ/Technical Support (for finished games)

Website Creator/Manager

Youtube Videos/Screenshots (for finished games)


My idea is to create classic-themed games with a breath of new life. Incorporate old and new to create something engaging and inspiring. Develop story-lines with living characters, consequences, emotions. Create the games WE want because we know those are the games that others crave for.

If you already have experience developing games (especially with RPG Maker) and are interested in becoming a vital part of a team, please let me know (send me your games as well. I’d love to check them out). This is a newly bloomed idea, but it’s an idea that I know can be grown into something amazing if we all work together.

Keep in mind that there is NO PAY involved in this. Simply a need to collect determined and creative minds in an attempt to develop something spectacular for the gaming community. Who knows what the future could hold!

Shoot an email to if you’re interested or if you have any questions. Make sure the subject says Game Development so I don’t delete it as spam. This is an idea to be played by ear, but I look forward to the possibility of being a part of a unique team. Let’s make some dreams come true.


3 thoughts on “Developing Games

  1. You are On!!! I like what you stood for, being an outstanding writer and and your love with games will definitely takes you some place high, my best wishes with you dear.

    Developing games is good idea and starting with classic one’s works great but i think you should also use your writing talent. I like to give a little advice, though i’m not very successful in it but still let me try:

    I think you should create a comic character and write a comic book and if it went well then based on that comic book you can develop your game. This way you can came up with interesting characters, dialogues and many other idea which you don’t like to miss on your game.

    reply and let me know how you feel about it 🙂

    • Thank you!

      I have thought about delving into comics before, but I think my strengths rest in book-form story-telling (unless I can get a good illustrator to compliment my stories… but then I’d just be searching for MORE people).

      I’ve been working on several short stories with the intent to splice them all together once I get my thoughts in order. The main reason why I’d enjoy teaming up with other writers is so my own mini perfectionist won’t have full reign over my thoughts.

      I always end up trashing work because it just doesn’t seem good enough after I finish it. 😛

  2. It happens, sometimes satisfying your own self is nearly impossible. It’s good, you are going right as long as you are not satisfied, but I’d like to suggest that have some faith in yourself.

    You are good!

    Don’t expect everything at your initial steps, just start from wherever you got, slowly you will learn satisfy yourself.

    Always, keep yourself unsatisfied and keep satisfying everyone else.

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