Search for Leviathan – No Thanks


Leaked information has suggested that a new Mass Effect DLC may center on the story of Leviathan, a rogue Reaper who has taken control of a mining facility. This brings a question to my mind, “Do we really need a pre-end DLC?” We know what will happen in the end especially now that the Extended Cut has been released… do we really need more side missions that will have no effect on the ending?

So I made a list (I haven’t made one in a while) that touches what I’d like to see in terms of content stemming from Mass Effect 3. Don’t worry, it’s a short one. Agree, disagree, and leave your own wishes in the comments!


  1. I have money in my pocket for more things Mass Effect! At the risk of sounding like a whiny fan, give us something substantial. I don’t want to run off to confront a rogue Reaper while thinking, “Well, I’m about to sacrifice myself to save the galaxy in about an hour so… let’s get this over with.” If BioWare HAS to focus on mini storylines before the end of the game, then why not focus less on a side story that coincides with the war, and more on the characters and relationships in the game?
  2. With that being said, make Character-focused DLCs! I absolutely adored Lair of the Shadow Broker, especially since my Shepard was romantically involved with Liara. Make content that further establishes the bonds between characters and leave out the missions that focus on obtaining more war assets.
  3. Bring back other characters. Thane, Samara, Miranda, Jack, Jacob… all of these characters made such small appearances that it left me feeling unsatisfied. I wanted more Samara (I think I have a thing for asari)! She could have been such a deep and complex character, and I still wish that she was a fully immersed romantic interest. Getting rejected by her was heartbreaking…
  4. If there could be post-war content, then the possibilities are massive, and I fully believe that Shepard’s story can be continued depending on what ending the player chooses. Unless BioWare is refusing this idea simply for the fact that they may be planning on surprising us with a continuation in Mass Effect 4 (I can wish)!

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