Crash Test Games


Crash Test Games has officially begun! Escalating from my old blog Developing Games, Crash Test Games became the image that I created in an attempt to collect and inspire the gaming community to interject their own creativity into the gaming industry. As gamers, we have all pondered about that perfect game. What if we eventually had the chance to create it?

I primarily began my hunt for developers, but it was a futile attempt and I was forced to think of other routes. Crash Test Games became the focus. Video games have taken over the world! From young blogs to major Youtube stars to primetime television, but they all focus on games from the point-of-view of fans.

What if fans became the developers, writers, and masterminds of games? With a singular focus and dream, I believe the community can create something amazing. But it’s going to be a long road. We can’t just ask developers to waste their time with a game… we have to attract them. And since we don’t have games to attract them with, we have to do so with our ideas and inspiration.

Videos, blogs, stories, podcasts, pictures… anything that focuses on gaming/creating games, all of it will be featured in Crash Test Games. With determination and ambition we can achieve something most people only futilely dream about.

But we need your help!

Visit our Facebook page and add your creativity to the mix. You can always be picked up as an official team member! And if you can’t think of anything to send in, let other people know! The more people that know of our mission, the better our chances of successfully finishing our own game will become. Let’s jumpstart this project together!


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