Mass Effect Movie a Bad Idea


The idea of a Mass Effect movie sounds bland and disappointing to me. As a movie lover, an avid gamer, and more importantly, as a writer, the idea is unoriginal and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I love Mass Effect! Hell, I would most likely see the movie regardless of my speculations, but is it a good plan?

I think not.

Although it has been stated that “the movie won’t regurgitate the story that players have invested all of those hours into,” the thoughts are still there. Will Shepard spare Wrex? Who will Shepard fall in love with (if romance is even included)? What will happen to the council? Does Kaiden or Ashley die? There are so many aspects of the game that need to be included in order for a movie to satisfy the fans. And that is one of the main problems: There are just way too many things to include.

My first disappointment was hearing that Shepard would be a male in the movie. It wasn’t surprising, but still disappointing. No offense to the male-Shep lovers, but fem-Shep rocks. I don’t see Shepard any other way. And that’s another issue. I made my Shepard, just as everyone else made their own. Everyone’s particular Shepard is influenced by their own feelings and decisions. I see myself watching a default Shepard on the big screen and screaming, “What the hell are you doing?! MY Shepard wouldn’t do that!”

What about the romance? Without that personal touch, Mass Effect would have been amazing. But with all of the romance options, Mass Effect transformed into something stunning. How would this be addressed in the movie? So many people focus on their favorite love interests. I personally can’t see Shepard with anyone but Liara, but other people say differently. So what happens when Shepard is caught playing tonsil hockey with the “wrong” love interest?

Mass Effect departed from the traditional gaming entertainment and transformed into something that became very personal. It became an interactive movie, one controlled by our fingertips. We saw everything play out. We became immersed in the action, transfixed by the universe, and fell in love with the characters we fought with. For me, the story of Commander Shepard was specifically played out. In a movie, I don’t see this story being expanded. And that’s where the frustrated writer in me comes out.

I love movies. I love seeing stories play out in front of my eyes. But I love stories that have depth to them. I feel like seeing a Mass Effect movie would be like reading a page of fanfiction that exposes only a miniscule amount of “behind the scenes” footage. There’s no expansion. There are no moments of shock and awe… because we’ve been through it before.

However, what I do look forward to seeing is the universe and races. Mass Effect did right when they created a whole new massive universe full of different species, worlds, and backstories. They created a map of mythology that could leave any writer drooling in an attempt not to use it for their own personal gain. I’m constantly itching to create something in the Mass Effect universe.

Needless to say, I’m pretty reluctant to believe that this new Mass Effect movie will be spectacular. I hope to be proved wrong! This may be the first movie I ever write a review about…


4 thoughts on “Mass Effect Movie a Bad Idea

  1. I completely agree that this is a bad idea. The character of Shepard is meant to be molded into what the player wants them to be, and there is no way the movie can please even half of the fans of the games. I’m not looking forward to this movie at all, but as you said, I hope to be proved wrong.

  2. I think that if they want to expand/dig into Shepard’s story, then they should continue that with DLC or even more games. Nevertheless, I would love to see how the universe itself looks on the big screen. I’m curious to see how detailed the atmosphere and the different species will be.

  3. The world needs a Mass Effect like the world needs a Halo movie or a Dead Space movie or even an Assassins Creed movie! It just wouldn’t work. In my opinion, no “live action” movie thats based on a game ever worked. Silent Hill may be debatable. There is just so much detail in games nowadays and graphics are amazing that they are almost a movie themselves. No need to put one in theaters except for money. I agree with just making other games or DLC.

  4. Make a male Shepard with Ashley as the love interest, which makes it all the much harder when he has to sacrifice her on Virmire. He can’t live with the regret, and goes to Liara while he’s grieving. The two develop a relationship. That allows us a better view into the mind of an asari, as opposed to a boring human relationship. (Which makes it all the more interesting when he locks lips with Miranda in 2, of course falling back in love with Liara in 3)

    Shepard also kills the Rachni Queen in the first movie. This genocide haunts him through the first and second movies. When he has a chance to redeem himself by curing the genophage, he does.

    Of course he saves the Council, so they can be in 2 & 3. This has to have a Hollywood ending, right? The same goes for Wrex. That allows for greater reward later in the story, and an emotional tie to the genophage.

    The questions aren’t as difficult as they might seem. With cautious optimism I’m looking forward to this movie, assuming it actually happens.

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