Finding Shepard: A New Mass Effect Fan Game

A new Mass Effect point-and-click adventure fan game is apparently in the works, taking place after the destroy ending in Mass Effect 3. The game focuses on Jack who has to find a way to the Citadel to find out what happened to Shepard. She’s on “house arrest, after punching Admiral Hackett” and must find other ways to “find her way around.”

It has been mentioned that Miranda, Kasumi, and Wrex will make appearances.

As a Mass Effect fan, I can’t help but tremble a little bit with excitement. But this game very obviously focuses on a male Shep/Jack relationship, and since I’m very obviously a fem-Shep/Liara fan, this kind of falls short of my wishes and expectations. The thought of playing as another character, especially as a love interest, is very appealing, though, and I’m very impressed by the graphics so far! This is definitely a project I’ll be watching as it grows.

Now if more fans can start developing some fan games like this, maybe Shepard and Liara will have those little blue children after all…

One thought on “Finding Shepard: A New Mass Effect Fan Game

  1. nice, you have mentioned some interesting points I mean many gamers just play one game and skip to another but they don’t have any creative view in respect of their played games, which I don’t find appropriate.

    I think you made a good point and I’m totally agree.

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