My Perfect Game

By: Steven Collins

In my honest opinion, there has never been a perfect game. There isn’t a game that has had a long, but not too long campaign that’s engaging and handles like a playable movie that also had a multiplayer that was fun and competitive but also had a relaxed and laid back component to it.

I’d like to see a game like this developed.

To me, a game like this would be a combination of many current games. It would probably be a a shooter of some sort. I would have a Mass Effect wave type online component as well as one that resembled what the likes of Battlefield, Halo and Call of Duty have done. It would have a campaign that’s as long as Uncharted, Infamous, Medal of Honor or Crysis without the frustrating lulls and the at times ‘where do I go’ feeling when you get turned around.  It wouldn’t be totally linear, but it also would make you, at some point, go to every place.

My perfect game would also have multiple characters that I could play with/as. I’ve never been one to like the whole lone wolf style (Splinter Cell, Crysis 2, Goldeneye). My character would have an active team of 2-5 other players, not only to help with the tension that some moments in the game cause, but also to have the ability to go through a ten hour campaign with my friends, should I so choose.

The perfect game would have fantastic graphics, motion capture, and look as lifelike as possible. It would take elements that many different studios have done and throw them together to make the best experience possible. It would also have dedicated servers so that way every has a fair and equal chance.

The last thing that my perfect game would have isn’t something with the game at all. I would test the living daylights out of it. I would have people after people test the game. I’d want to bring in people who don’t normally test, to have extended run-throughs to determine if there are any potentially game breaking balance issues or bugs. These things have ruined many games and with my perfect game they have no place being a problem.

I can see a lot of people getting on board with a game like this. Take the best elements of many great games and throw them together. Who knows, if you can keep it fresh you could even argue that additional DLC that would bring about a story would be warranted.


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