Top 10 favorite weapons in video games

By: Steven Collins

I’ve played a lot of shooters. In fact I probably couldn’t even remember all the shooters I’ve played without going through an online archive entry by entry. But if there is one thing I do remember it’s all the weapons that I’ve employed through a game that stick with me. So here are my top 10 in reverse numerical order.

10: Aug H-Bar – Modern Warfare 2

I loved this weapon for its machine gun like power yet its assault rifle loading speed and fire rate. This would have been the perfect weapon if it would have been an assault rifle (like it was in Black Ops a year later). The only real downside was the lack of mobility because it was classified as a light machine gun.


9: Energy Sword – Halo franchise

Back during my original Xbox days in high school I absolutely loved being able to slice and dice my way through my enemies and I would pick up the energy sword every chance I got. The only downside was that eventually it ran out of power and I had to find another one or go without it for a while.


8: Pistole- Uncharted Franchise

I love handguns and this particular one is no different. While the Pistole has limited range and accuracy, dropping people with one shot at close range was always a satisfying feeling for me.


7: Lancer – Gears of War franchise

All I can say about the Lancer is that I enjoy turning people in to tofu chunks with that nasty chainsaw. It’s merely a plus that you can pick people off from distance with this easy to use rifle. Those animations where you’d chop somebody in half were just awesome.


6: Welrod – Sniper Elite V2

Something about the goofy look of this weapon and it being the only silenced option in this game made me love this little weapon. Not being very good at sneaking up on people it was nice to be able to get a silenced headshot kill on some of those pesky enemies.


5: VC32 – Killzone 3

I didn’t really play a whole lot of online multiplayer in Killzone 3. However I was mostly a sniper and I spent all my points to get to this rifle in a hurry. I’m the kind of person who likes to hang back when sniping and pick off people who wander into the open. With its advanced scope that had 2x and 5x zoom I never had any trouble doing just that.


4: Carcano Rifle – Red Dead Redemption

Similar to the VC32 from Killzone 3, I also liked this rifle because you could kill targets from long range without any added difficulty of wind, bullet drop or breathing. One straight shot is all you need. Plus being high up where the police couldn’t get to me while I take them out was a nice feature I made for myself.


3: M4/Commando Assault Rifle – Call of Duty Series

In just about every military game that I play these days, whether it is online or in a campaign mode, I love the M4 or its equivalent.  While usually the M4 has less damage than say a semi-automatic M16 or AK-47, it’s much easier for me to control and put lead on target.


2: Scorpion – Mass Effect 3

This little weapon singlehandedly helped me defeat many of the tougher foes like the Banshee, Brute and some of the tougher turrets during the single player. Equipping this mini-grenade launcher was always a must on all of my missions, especially since I didn’t figure out the Rocket I could shoot until the end of the game.


1: The Hammerburst – Gears of War 3

Something about the Hammerburst is just flat out awesome in my opinion. It could be that the name totally fits. When I fire this weapon it feels as if I’m driving the bullets into my target as opposed to just flat out shooting them.


There is my list. Weapons from all different kinds of games and across the platforms. But let me ask you this, what is your favorite weapon from a video game?


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