Crash Test Games – Introducing the Co-Founder

When I started CTG, I don’t think I realized the quality of talent that would join my random team. When all of this started, I was flinging out silly ideas and trying to reach for unattainable goals that other people would probably find ridiculous. When people actually started to become interested in my mission, I think I kind of went in shock. My thoughts shifted from, “Well this is a long shot.” to “Wow, maybe this is actually possible!” And seeing the talent that has been contributed from my team has been absolutely astounding.

I have just recently started the script that may eventually become Crash Test Games’ very first video game! Things are slowly starting to progress, and I have to give out thanks to my team and to the people that have shown support and offered help. I knew that this was something I couldn’t do on my own, and it is truly mindblowing to witness the greatness that Callum, Steven, and Nick continuously produce. We’re all working hard to get this company somewhere awesome! I still want to reach out an invitation to ANYONE else that wants to become involved. I’ve been posting some amazing guest blogs on here, and I’ve just recently hopped back into commentating on Youtube, and I would love to collaborate with other interested talents.

Once the script of our untitled game really starts to unfold, I’ll be looking for writers to help out. I’m also looking for artists, graphic designers, Youtube commentators, as well as people that would be willing to spread the word on other gaming forums. We’re a dedicated and hard-working team looking to help other people get into the industry, so get involved! Here’s a video that I did with Callum revealing how he became involved with Crash Test Games as well as the kind of games we are interested in making.


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