Dragon Age III: Inquisition


Dragon Age has a bit of a controversial background, with Dragon Ages: Origins being a fan favorite while Dragon Age II seemed to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of fans. Bioware has confirmed Dragon Age III: Inquisition, but any information beyond that is a bit blurry. But there is some information to deliver to the anxiously awaiting fans (like me).

  1. It will have improved level design over Dragon Ages II. Consistent complaints about DA2’s recycled atmosphere circulated the web, deeming the developers lazy and the game underdeveloped. However, Bioware team has announced that they “understood the feedback  … and would be avoiding a repeat.”
  2. Orlais will appear! As soon as Leliana began to babble about Orlais in DA:O, I immediately wanted to see it for myself. It sounds like the pinnacle of all nice things (like shoes), and is also the base of the Divine. This also introduces the chance that the Seekers and Templars will play a role in the game.
  3. Player decisions from the earlier games will carry forward. This gives me hope that a continuation will be in the works. Although the second one offered the same option, DA:O was hardly touched. But for the optimistic, maybe Morrigan will finally reappear (as most fans hope), or perhaps Flemeth will mysteriously worm her way into a main storyline (she gives me the heebie jeebies). But regardless of what will happen, don’t delete your game saves!
  4. There will be online play. We have already heard the news that all EA games will contain some kind of multiplayer element in every game they create, but this offers a chance to vastly detail the world of Dragon Age within an online element that could either enhance the gamer’s experience, or completely bomb (a part of me is thinking the latter). The skeptical piece of me compares this detail to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer experience: Fun for the first few games, but the longer you play, the more boring and repetitive it becomes. Let’s just hope that the online gameplay won’t influence the main storyline like Galaxy at War did.


Fans of the Dragon Age franchise have a lot to look forward to, and many have already shot out their own speculations at what will happen. But with a “late 2013” release stated, players have plenty of time to discover more details and create their own scenarios to continue the popular series.

What do you hope to see in the third installment?


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