Sega Games I Had (Sadly) Forgotten

Here is a list (I love lists) of some of my childhood games that tend to be swept behind the “favorite” memories. Some are silly, some are bad, and others are just plain weird, but they all share an equal awesomeness for accompanying me through the best times of my life (can we just go back to that time… please?). All of the video below are credited to the individual poster.

1. Pocahontas : It’s a platform game with hyped up Disney songs that have the power to take over your brain and turn it into a mindless, humming Zombie of Disney! In it you play Pocahontas, detailing her story as you jump and weave through different natural scenarios, absorbing powers from animals, and basically following the same events of the movie.



2. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie:

It’s a wonder how this game didn’t fry up from the amount of times it had been played. No matter how many times it was beaten, it was still entertaining… and plus Power Rangers! It was automatically a cool game! With the ability to play co-op with a friend, it was a game that lasted for hours (and several hundred playthroughs).



3. Addams Family: I was never a person that got into the Addam’s Family, no matter what form it came in, but for some reason, this game is one that will randomly pop up in my head and make me realize, “Wow, that was a weird freaking game.”



4. Paperboy: This was a game that I continuously rented, and I don’t understand why. I was absolutely horrible at it! I was a pro at breaking windows though.



5. ToeJam & Earl: This was a game I never understood and never beat! However, the bizarre aura of the game has always managed to pop up in those “weird games we never understood in the 90’s.” But there is one thing I do understand… ToeJam is a wiener.



6. Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Although Sonic hold some fantastic memories, the series has never been one of my favorites. I was horrible at it and it made water seem terrifying! But for some reason, I really enjoyed the introduction of Knuckles. My young self was just weird.



7. Bubsy: How did I remember this game? …WHY did I remember this game? Now the music is stuck in my head…



8. The Lion King: The only part I remember from this game is swinging on the monkeys and Dad getting frustrated when he would lose, but The Lion King was always one of my favorite Disney films, and the game frequented our living room quite a bit. Because who doesn’t want to see a lion ride a flamingo?



9. Double Dragon: An all-out brawl or die game with horrendous music and characters that looked straight out of an arcade game (which I believe was the intention)! My toddler self probably picked this game because it had the word dragon in it. That’s the only thing I can remember.



10. Earthworm Jim: It was kooky, it was charming, and most importantly, it was fun! Without having to explain anything, Earthworm Jim’s weirdness is easily one of the best Genesis games ever… at least in my five year old eyes.


What were some of the Sega Genesis games that frequented your childhood?


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