Pure Nintendo Magazine

For all of you Nintendo fans, and especially all of you Nintendo fans that love to read, it’s incredibly sad to learn that Nintendo Power will be releasing their very last issue in December. This magazine was a colossal in the gaming universe, their first issue coming out in 1988 (before I was born), and continuing to achieve a 24 year run! So to see something so strong lived come to a conclusion is a very morose moment.

Nintendo Power’s first magazine cover, released in 1988

Inserting shameless and awesome promotion!

Pure chance introduced me to the awesome people that plan to introduce more Nintendo to the world, seemingly continuing an incredible magic that Nintendo Power built. The purely-Nintendo magazine, Pure Nintendo, is in the process of creating a quality magazine to send to loyal Nintendo fans. Their Kickstarter page is continuing to grow, and with your support, you too can turn this into a huge resource for Nintendo fans. They are close to reaching the $5000 mark, but there’s a long way to go in order to reach their goal of $20,000. Become a backer and donate (I did)! Not only will you gain a year’s subscription, but you can earn some awesome stuff, and you can revel in the fact that you are helping out an awesome cause.

And who knows… you may see some of my video game related ranting in some of their future issues. *wink wink hint hint*

Make sure you follow @purenintendo and @PureNintendoMag on Twitter and check out their website and Kickstarter page for more information… and of course get your healthy dose of all things Nintendo.


2 thoughts on “Pure Nintendo Magazine

  1. CrystalKM right?! Thanks for the support. Everyone at Pure Nintendo are very appreciative of all the support we are receiving. There is still quite a ways to go on the Kickstarter so if you want a 1 year (6 issue) subscription to the magazine, then head on over to the Kickstarter and pledge at least $20. If you pledge more than $20, then you get extra goodies! Again thank you to all of our supporters and an extra thank you for the plug on your blog. 😀

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