Inside Blogging – Opinion v.s. News

I have decided that it is necessary for me to start a rant on here, one that doesn’t necessarily belong in my journal because it initially involves all of my readers (and all of you are freaking amazing). I’ve gotten some sporadic questions pertaining to the fact that I write primarily more opinion pieces instead of news blogs. “Why don’t you write more headline news articles? You could write a lot more that way.”

Very true. There is gaming news everywhere.

But that’s the problem… there is gaming news everywhere! Considering I don’t have any personal ties with studios, game designers, and production companies, I’m left to share news that is already spreading in the grapevine. In the end, it all seems forced and copied, and I value other writers enough not to copy their work. Sure, I include other articles in some of my own blogs, but I center my opinions on them. News is too reiterated anyway. Fresh air is always nice!

I can copy and paste everything about the Wii U’s capabilities and the rumors of new games, but I have a blog to showcase my writing. So as a blogger focusing on the video game industry, that requires a lot of opinions, and I enjoy being opinionated about the things that I love. I think it’s a requirement for a blogger to be passionate about the things they share. It’s why we start blogging in the first place, right?

This would be different if I was working for a paying company, talking on the phone with the radical peeps in Nintendo or BioWare, and covering stories that other writers might not be able to discover before me. But I’ll never stray away from opinionated pieces… my love for gaming is what fuels this page and if it ever reaches the point where all you see is generic reposts of old news, then it means that passion has been lost – which will never happen!

So to my dedicated readers and supporters: THANK YOU! All of you remain a bright spot in my life, and I hope that as my writing continues to grow in popularity, I’ll still see all of your comments and discussions. My interactions with other people are what make all of this worth it. And my readers are without a doubt the best audience I’ve ever had!

Rant over.


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