Interview With Xena 2011 Movie Campaign

Some readers may remember the blog I posted a while back that contained my own list of what I’d personally like to see in a new Xena video game. Since then, that article has been read numerous times by people that have made random searches in the wonderful world of the interwebs. Needless to say, I was astounded to see that so many people were still interested in Xena, and it was even more amazing to realize that people were interested in a video game!

I’ve been a hardcore fan of Xena: Warrior Princess since I was five years old. At that time I was an impressionable girl that loved the thought of throwing a metal Frisbee at people. I had no idea that the show would have such an impact on my life, or that it would become something like an obsession. So when the show ended, I was devastated.

I discovered the Xena Movie Campaign back when people were blindly reaching toward the possibility of a Xena movie, and since then, their mission has grown and attracted an unbelievable amount of supporters. I was honored to earn the chance to interview the team that fuels the campaign, and now you have the chance to become a part of an awesome mission to reignite a massive fandom of a show that became a strong mark in pop culture history!


Okay, so this is a blog that primarily focuses on the gaming universe so I have to ask, are there any gamers within your team?

Hey Crystal! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Yes there is! One member on the team, Jess, is a gamer! So we’ll turn this one over to her!

“Oh yeah, I have a serious gaming habit! I grew up PS1, Sega Dreamcast, and Runescape. So I really love MMORPG’s and large open RPG games like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Other Favorites include Dragon Age, Fable, The Final Fantasy series, Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey, basically any RPG you can name!”

For the ones that may be oblivious to the Xena Movie Campaign, can you explain your mission and what you hope to achieve?

Of course! Our mission is a simple one! To convince Universal to produce a Xena movie with Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor! We are dedicating ourselves and doing everything we can to show that Xena is still in the minds and hearts of fans today! This is a strictly fan run campaign, and our goal is to get our heroes back in action!

Any Xena love the fans put out helps to show that Xena is still strong. The greatest way to get the studios to see that a movie is worth doing is to convince them there is a profit to be made. To do this we need to reach out to as many Xenites as we can and show support in as many ways as possible! We hope to reach out and reunite as Xenites from all around the world, old fans and new fans alike, and make our voice heard as we battle on for a movie!

It has been about 12 years since Xena ended (such a depressing thought). Do you think a movie would still hold relevance in today’s society? Do you think it would successfully attract a new audience that may not have existed during the show’s run?

Throughout the six years the series was on television and for the many years since, Xena (and Gabby) have taught the Xena-fandom a range of universal and timeless lessons, which although time has passed, still carry much significance today. Xena offers lessons of unconditional friendship, sacrifice, courage and strength. It carries positive messages, instilling in its audiences (us the fans) the will to fight for the greater good, to accept and better ourselves no matter our pasts, and it does so with a well-judged mixture of seriousness and humor, with action to boot!

The show represents what it means to do what is right despite your own demons, and we fully believe that in today’s chaotic times we need such stories to remind people there is such a thing as right and wrong. There is so much in this world that is uncertain, so much suffering people bring about to each other. Civil rights, women’s rights, animal rights, freedom of religion are all under attack in some part of the world. We believe when people forget how to be decent our stories inspire greatness.

We get many run of the mill action films that portray violence without purpose, but there are few such films that also show what it means to be GOOD. Xena had darkness in her heart and yet she still fought for the Greater Good. This is what our world is missing; a sense of the Greater Good.

So, despite the passing of time, Xena and the lessons it carries is timeless and has the potential to carry resonance for a wide audience today. Now is the time to bring back the Warrior Princess and the Battling Bard!

Lucy Lawless voiced a character for the game Hunted: The Demon’s Forge in 2011. If a movie simply became impossible to make, would you be interested in a video game if the actors from the show voiced their rightful characters? Do you think a new interactive experience would attract more interest to the Xena fandom?

If the movie was a complete impossibility, a lot of the younger fans might be happy with a game. It would be amazing to bring a Xena game into the 21st Century! Much like the movie, an updated video game is long overdue.  Do you remember the original ‘Xena: Warrior Princess‘ game for PlayStation? With an original actor voice-over and a large open RPG gaming format like that of the Elder Scroll’s series, it could draw a huge renewed interest in the Xenaverse and the Xena fandom! There is a huge market for medieval-esque games and Xena would fit in perfectly. But of course the absolute best scenario would be to have a game based off of the movie! That is our main priority after-all!

Do you have any special plans in the works to help attract more people to your cause? If so, where can people go to keep updated and help your mission?

Yes! We are always thinking of things we can do to get the fans active and involved in the quest! As for specifics, we are continually trying to gain media exposure and increase our online presence across multiple platforms! For more information about our Xena movie quest please visit and like our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on Youtube, and check out our campaign website.
Besides liking our Facebook page, you can also help the cause by signing the online Xena movie petition and sharing our page and quest on as many sites and with as many people as you can. Every like matters! If you have any ideas or think you could help further please send us a personal message via our Facebook page or email us at Thank you in advance for all of your support!


24 thoughts on “Interview With Xena 2011 Movie Campaign

  1. There are so many compelling reasons why a xena movie is still timely. The one that is most relevant and timeless is, at its core XWP was a story that revealed what is best in as as human beings and what is possible when we follow our hearts and use our heads.

  2. I would be insanely ecstatic (focus on the insane) if a Xena movie was FINALLY made! But as a writer I enjoy looking at other aspects that may flesh out the X:WP story a bit. I can’t turn away from the thought of playing a quality game with those characters. And with the amount of technology there is to use, a well-told X:WP game could be something massive!

    • Thank you so much! It was an honor to be able to interact with X2011MC, and I’m glad that there are so many other people interested in the cause.

  3. Xena means the world to me and I would do anything I could to get her and Gabby back. She is a wonderful example and teacher. I have made it through some pretty tough times with Xena’s help. Love to the Warrior Princess and Battling Bard always 🙂

  4. I am a recent fan of Xena as I only started watching the series via Netflix a few months ago by accident while browsing stuff to watch.. Times have been tough for me, as with a lot of people since 2008 economy crash. I was at a very low point in my life and I prayed for something to come into my life to help me. The very next weekend is when I stumbled across Xena. This show literally saved my soul. I found hope, love, compassion, strength, laughter, and most of all….a hero. This world sorely needs Xena and all that she stands for. I am a gamer so a video game would be great. Especially with the ones that can change based upon your choices. A movie might change people’s lives as the show did mine. Right and wrong has been lost. Xena needs to teach us again. And Xena needs proper closure via a movie. The fans deserve it and Xena deserves nothing less.

  5. At the origin, the cinema was created to make dream people. Today, the studios do not think any more of dreamed of people, but of the profitability of a project, a movie. They forgot the role of the cinema in the life of each one. Today, more than yesterday, the life is difficult for a good amount of people, and by concern of gaining even more, they remove us our dreamed. Xena moved me at the most point, like seldom… and the silence of Universal removes me my dreamed. Which is with listening… people who make them live? or their bank accounts? There is NO valid reason today, not to produce a Xena film! NONE!

    We need this movie, not because the end does not please us,… NO ! We wish this movie because since Xena and Titanic, I did not feel any more shivers through an epic history, full of emotion, courage and common sense..

    So, we want this movie, but we want it with Lucy Lawless and Renée O’Connor. Who made of this serie a total success in our heart? Both actresses by their sensibilities, their talents, their complicity. Xena played by another actress is unthinkable. This role belongs to Lucy Lawless! Idem for Gabrielle! They gave life to fictional characters, a lot of people were able to dream!

    And sorry for my english… I’m french !

      • Thank you. When I hear or read : ‘ they are too old “, that makes me roar! What is the interest of the movie which we want? To see beautiful young women with a hollow scenario as certain movies? Or then make the biggest heroin return so that she enters the legend. They are not too old for their roles, there are multiple manners to present the movie they can introduce new characters, that they would pull, with their morality, but you should not touch to their respective and respectable characters. When we go to the cinema, you should not forget that we make live studios…. When will they make for us, a present?

  6. @Kryss K. – It also aggravates me when I hear people talk about how much the actors have aged/how difficult it might be for them to continue with stunts, etc. Of course, it mainly aggravates me because a part of me recognizes the truth in that.

    Age was actually what led me into the vision of a video game. At the risk of sounding repetitive, with the technology available and the potential of creating a AAA title, not only could the Xena storyline continue in some way, but it would also allow the actors to fully immerse themselves within their characters without having to worry about the physical aspects.

    I’d be happy with any kind of Xena continuation (even comics), but as a gamer I can’t help but think that this could be an incredible opportunity. And as a Xena fan… I would LOVE to be able to “control” the story my way.

    • @CKM Thank you for your answer. I am not against a game Xena, on the contrary. My priority remaining to see being born a movie, but as you, all which can make continue to live Xena will be welcome. If we speak about special effects, of computer generated images, then I think that it is possible also to use these techniques in a movie not? To use techniques of ” motion captures “, everything is possible to mitigate the age of the actresses during the scenes of fight for example… for the other scenes, there is not really much to improve, they have the age of the maturity, everybody knows that fact… and for us, that’s not a problem.

      For a game, it is clear in my head, that only Bioware is able to make something good with the story of Xena, in the same state of mind as Dragon Age for example, where the interpersonal relation and the way of behaving on the characters is an essential point of the game. Then yes, for a RPG, completely all right, but I add that my battle goes first of all, always and still, for the movie for which all Xenite hopes. Thank you for this exchange .

      • It would be awesome. A mix between Fable… “choose your fate”, and Dragon Age to speak with the fellow travellers (Gaby of course… an amazon, Beowulf ?,..) and develop relations with them which activate new quests. I adhere now to the movie AND to the game.

  7. A Xena movie will mean so much for so many ppl. This special show remains in my heart and not only because of the beautiful love story of Xena and Gabrielle but also because of it I found my soulmate, the love of my life :).
    I speak in the name of my girlfriend as well who is a fan of Xena too,

  8. I want a movie for all of the reasons already expressed here. If you have not finished watching the show please do not continue reading because I am going to discuss


    For six season we watched as Xena turned her back on her dark path and fought to redeem herself. When the show ended with a sacrifice to free 10,000 souls as payment for her past deeds I was devastated. After 6 years learning amazing valuable life lessons the writers left us with this “You can never escape your past”. I felt that instead of finding redemption Xena was punished. It broke my heart and it still hurts to this day. The show gave such a sense of hope up until the end when they took all of that hope away. I NEED to see Xena redeemed well and true and living out her life is the reward I want.

    • Arnold’s coming back for Conan and he’s like 5000! :p I think Lucy and Renee are capable, and they certainly seem willing. Universal just needs to get the show on the road!

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