Mass Effect 4 – Ideas


Earlier on Twitter, Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson tweeted this, “We’re in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game. What would you want to see in it?”

It’s already been announced that the new Mass Effect would not have Shepard in it, nor would it include a Shepard-like character. So the question is what kind of game is this going to be?! After getting over the fact that the next installment would not include Shepard (still having trouble with this task), I started to think about what I would like to see in the next game, and this is what I’ve come up with.

  1. An origin-like story. If we’re not going to be able to focus on Shepard or a Shepard-like character, then I want to be able to sift through the races like you can in Dragon Age: Origins. Give us different backgrounds: An asari commando, a krogan that still has to pass through the Rite, a human civilian trapped within the story’s chaos, or even a being trapped within the lower ranks of the Alliance or even Cerberus. A drell thief, or a shy, quarian tech (oh wait, that’s Tali… nevermind). I would also personally love to be an asari Justicar. Granted some of these details will have to be time specific, but honestly, if our focus is not on the Reapers anymore… than any time within the universe will work. These are just mere examples.
  2. The Reapers were an entity of epic evil that crossed a span of three games. If we’re continuing with the thought that different races will be playable, then I believe that the plots should be smaller and more character-oriented. Give us the opportunity to explore Mass Effect’s vast universe. Allow us to establish and destroy relationships. With Shepard’s trilogy finished, we’re going to need more relatable characters to wash away our need to still interact with Shepard’s crew. I’m immediately going to be bitter about Liara’s absence.
  3. Romance interests are a must simply for the fact that those experiences are what fuel my love of Mass Effect. If the player is allowed to be different races, then this creates multiple opportunities. Imagine being an asari melding with a love interest… for some reason I like this idea a lot! In my opinion, the complexity of the characters and relationships is what transformed Mass Effect from a static shooter to a deep, compelling, and motivating story.
  4. I could live with less shooting and more decision-making. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to shred some things with my biotics, but the heart of the game (I’m getting repetitive) rests within our interactions with other characters and the choices we make.


My main points: GIVE ME AWESOME CHARACTERS! GIVE ME AMAZING LOVE INTERESTS! Most importantly, make a worthwhile experience that belongs within the Mass Effect universe. Do not turn this into a “filler” game like Dragon Age 2 felt like. The fans deserve depth and an experience that could potentially rival the first three games. And with Shepard’s story over, the developers could use this clean slate to make something completely “out of this world”… pun totally intended.


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