Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – First Review (Multiplayer)

It’s very difficult to do a commentary when everyone bombards your room to do laundry… so for now, here is a written review conveying what I think (as of right now) of BlOPs2 multiplayer. The video below is my own gameplay, by the way, so feel free to make fun of silly mistakes… and tell me how awesome I am when something cool happens… because it was all skill. No luck at all.

At all.

I’m pretty damn rusty when it comes to Call of Duty, but I found myself quickly adjusted to the new game and honestly, so far I’ve been pretty impressed when it comes to the mechanics and the quickness of the matches. If you can struggle by some of the major hiccups (freezing, error message/unable to enter public lobby… these are apparently in the process of being fixed), the game has remained fairly smooth. Hit detection hasn’t been too bad, but it wouldn’t be a Call of Duty game without a few hair-pulling frustrations.

This game is fun and fresh with a not-so-far-away futuristic feel that leaves you curious and addicted. The maps aren’t too large, but I won’t go into that yet since I’m still getting a feel for them. If you see me running into walls and mimicking a headless chicken… well I’m still learning.

Objective game styles are still exciting and engaging, and I’m particularly enjoying Hardpoint (the game in the video below) where it is absolutely necessary to play objectively. Although you still encounter teammates that ignorantly think every game type is Team Deathmatch, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount that actually puts in some teamwork to help you grab that win.

League play is a new addition that I immediately fell in love with. After five placement matches, you are placed in a certain ladder (I was placed in the Gold Division, currently rank 71) where you will compete against other teams and players to move up the ladder. Competition rises, and it’s nice when you’re placed on a team that plays objectively. So far I’ve been a lone wolf, prodding my way through the game to get a feel for it, but I do eventually want to have a team to make me look better in League Play! So if you’re an interested PS3 player… hit me up.

Look for a more detailed review later as I become more accustomed to the game. But right away I can already tell that Black Ops 2 is the game that will yank me back into the Call of Duty insanity, something that hasn’t successfully happened since the first Black Ops. To the ones that are currently playing, what do you think of the game? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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