iPhone Apps for Gamers

Okay, maybe not every gamer needs these applications, but if you are a gamer that enjoys remaining in the loop inside the gaming universe, you should definitely look up these free apps!

I have an iPhone 4, the most high-tech phone I have ever had in my life. Whether these are particularly available on Android or not, I’m not sure, so for the sake of spreading correct information, I’m sticking to my phone and my own experiences. If anyone else can offer up other info, feel free to do so.

  1. Appy Geek

This is a fantastic application that combines all of your favorite subjects together. You can create your own channels and organize specific topics into separate boxes so you can easily find the articles you would like to read. Some of mine include: Nintendo, video game, Playstation, etc. This way, if I want to read an article specifically about the PS3, I can choose my Playstation channel without having to cycle through other topics.

You can also explore other related news stories by selecting certain topics in what looks like a tag cloud. I find this option extremely useful since it widens your options toward more targets that may interest you.

2.  TwitchTV

Every gamer that enjoys watching videos of their favorite games is familiar with TwitchTV, but having it available on your iPhone allows you to tune in to your favorite streams without having to sit at a computer. The interface is clean and simple, organizing the games that are being played, the channels that are currently streaming, and any streams that you follow that are currently broadcasting.

The picture is amazing. If you hold your iPhone vertically, it minimizes the screen displaying the game and allows the chat room to flow beneath. This way you can actively watch the stream without missing what is being said within the chat.

But if you’re like me, and you don’t normally interact with the chat room, you can tilt your iPhone horizontally to enlarge the stream. You still have the option to chat, but if you select it while the stream is full screen, it will overlap the video.  Switching between the two is quick and seamless, though, and doesn’t negatively affect the stream.

As someone that is new to the iPhone scene, these apps have been a delight to find, and as a writer and blogger, staying in touch with the latest news in real-time is incredibly important, and will help me share more news in the future.


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