Black Ops 2 – Multiplayer Video & Second Review

Okay, the Honeymoon stage is officially over for this game. A power struggle has developed and Black Ops 2 is definitely winning. Here is a match of Kill Confirmed on Cargo.

Kill Confirmed is one of my favorite game types, right before Hardpoint, and for a while, things were running smoothly (despite the usual hiccups). People cared about the objective. Teamwork actually existed. And bullets actually worked. Maybe it’s just me and the “shiny new toy” has dissipated into a routine disappointment, but it seems like the negatives are just now beginning to overpower the good.

That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying this game anymore. On the contrary, I enjoy it immensely… when I’m playing with a party of friends or subscribers. Solo pubstomping is pretty much nonexistent, and matches have completely lost their consistency. So my endeavors of creating my own solo winstreaks have horribly failed. This sadly includes League Play where I eventually reached number 3 in the gold division.

But there are several highpoints inside this game.

The weapons are phenomenal! The variety makes adapting to a new weapon a nice challenge that was lacking in the past Call of Duty games. Combine that with the different attachments and perks you can choose, and every game can be a different experience.

My favorite sub machine gun is hands down the Chicom CQB. Unlike the other subs in the game, the Chicom is a three-burst weapon that delivers a powerful punch in those close quarter situations. Many of my gunfights are won with this weapon, and the hip fire seems to be more beneficial to me than aiming down the sights.

The AN-94 has received numerous amounts of praise from players, and is my favorite assault rifle to use. With its high power and comfortable fire rate, it seems to be one of the most favored weapons by several players. It’s usually my first choice if my Chicom game is off.

Overall, the multiplayer provides an amazing amount of entertainment for the normal Call of Duty player. Even with the “newness” gone, Black Ops 2 is a solid multiplayer experience. The normal frustrations will always be there, and the amount of lag is disconcerting… but it wouldn’t be Call of Duty without it, right?



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