A Bleak Future for Gaming


With the numerous awards for this year’s selection of awesome video games already polished and handed out, now it’s time to start focusing on next year, and more importantly, next-gen consoles. With Sony and Microsoft in the forefront of excitement, it seems that gamers are focused more on the consoles’ advancements and not the games.

As a gamer, and more importantly, as someone that doesn’t scrutinize the technology inside my systems, the hype of these next-gen consoles isn’t really satisfying me. Unless these things can transform my games into virtual reality AND make me a sandwich, I’d rather focus on the quality of future games instead of a console’s capability.

We’ve entered an era of DLC and the majority of us have shelled out pocket money to download and continue the adventures of our favorite games. But is DLC a way to enhance a gaming experience… or does it simply give developers more leeway to shove games into the public quicker? If the answer is the latter, are we facing a bleak future of games that may lack the quality that has made several past titles “masters” inside of the industry?

Our future is fading away from the physical and slipping into a digital concept and with the reach that the internet gives developers, I predict to see several future “incomplete” games. We are already seeing this occurring from Mass Effect’s downloadable content to Call of Duty’s constant releases of map packs. What’s the point?

My Shepard swam underwater in a robot suit and her ending was still sob-worthy (in a disappointed sense).  I’ve downloaded new maps to shoot people on in Call of Duty, only to eventually abandon the game completely after a new title release or because the maps were simply not impressive or entertaining.

Fans are currently burning through article after article to discover any new news about BioWare’s mysterious new Mass Effect 3 DLC. Almost a year after the game’s release, people are murmuring, hoping for a Finale DLC that will finally add some concrete closure to their story. It’s a fantastic and smart business plan for the developers, but it simply makes gamers look like guided cattle. We have to wait impatiently to complete an incomplete game? Unacceptable.

Simply put, I’m not ready for the future of gaming. I’m highly skeptical about the sincerity and creativity of developers. I’m not ready to give up the end of an era that contained mind-blowing content, beautiful art, and more importantly, stories that contained closure. I can’t force myself to care about pulse sensors in controllers.

I’m a gamer. Give me games.

Not a script with a cliffhanger that no writer wants to complete.


2 thoughts on “A Bleak Future for Gaming

  1. I completely agree. Especially on the DLC front, DLC should be used to give you additional(but not necessary) adventures or quests. Things like the Borderlands 1/2 DLC are a good example of that. They really shouldn’t fill in or change details about the main story…

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