Growth, Thanks, & Podcast

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I have to apologize to my subscribers because I know your inboxes have been spammed by my updates within the past few days, but it’s a sign of something awesome! When I first started this blog, it was littered with random little musings and some poetry—not enough to attract any amazing attention. But when I decided to combine my passions with gaming, I didn’t realize just how awesome things would eventually become.

It’s been a slow climb, but the traffic to my blog has reached a level I never expected, and I have all of you to thank for that. It warms my heart to see people coming directly to my blog to find out information and news in the industry, and it’s even more incredible to know that many of you value my opinions and thoughts enough to interact and strengthen connections. That was my main goal by starting this.

Some things will be happening soon! A podcast is officially being planned, and not only is it a great opportunity for me, but it’s a fantastic chance for some of you to get your voices out to an audience! One thing I’ve always wanted to help maintain is a community, and I’m constantly looking for ways to include all of you! Guest blogs, interviews, art, etc., they are all ways that you can interact and grow your own numbers.

Journalism is a competitive field, but I believe the video game niche really yanks out the competitiveness between everyone (probably because we’re all gamers), so every little bit of help counts, and I greatly appreciate the support that all of you have given. Writing is a passion, and even if no one was paying any attention to my words, I’d probably still continue writing. But to know that my readers enjoy the things I write definitely fuels my motivation that would probably be nonexistent otherwise.

So look forward to more articles and updates, and if you would like to contribute in some way (guest blogs, video game art, etc), check out the Submissions page and shoot me an email! Things are beginning to happen, and I’m so amazingly happy to be able to share it all with you so make sure you subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and spread the word!

Thank you all so so so much for the support. You definitely know how to make a starving writer smile!


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