San Andreas Coming to the PS3


As an obvious marketing plan to help fuel everyone’s excitement for GTA V, Rockstar will be releasing the amazing San Andreas on the PS3. A listing for the game was initially released on Hong Kong’s official Playstation Site, stating that it will be out on Wednesday, but now it has also been listed on the US Playstation Blog for the week of December 10th.

Granted, I probably would have been a little bit more excited for Vice City, but San Andreas is definitely my choice for 2nd favorite in the series… that is until GTA V is released. The story and customization (I enjoyed eating too much) was immediately engrossing, and out of all of the locations, San Andreas is hands down my favorite.

As stated on Kotaku, “Sadly/interestingly, it’s only listed as having a single player, which may mean the game’s rudimentary co-op mode may not be along for the ride.” But this honestly isn’t news that negatively affects me. San Andrea’s heart lies in the single player experience. The co-op is awful and easily forgettable.

If I want a GTA multiplayer experience, I’ll pop in my copy of GTA IV and run over some loud mouthed kids at the airport.

To the ones that enjoy San Andreas, what are you looking forward to revisiting the most?


4 thoughts on “San Andreas Coming to the PS3

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting this on the 360 for awhile now. It’s only $10 or $15 so I’m probably going to end up downloading it sooner or later.

    • I’d definitely go for it. I still have my PS2 copy collecting dust on my shelf and it always depresses me! I’ll definitely be downloading this.

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