Black Ops 2 Multiplayer – The MP7

MP7 Black Ops 2

When I first started playing Black Ops 2, I couldn’t understand why so many people preferred the MP7. I couldn’t use it. I couldn’t aim. I couldn’t hit my targets. To me, it was one of the worst weapons to use, but that was just a personal preference. I couldn’t make myself use it, but after finally deciding to prestige for the first time, the MP7 was the first gun I really used.

And for some reason, I love it now.

The MP7 is a sub machine gun unlocked at level 4. By default, it holds 40 rounds unless you’re using Extended Mags to increase the number to 54. The recoil is fairly low and the iron sights are simple to use, and because of this, I tend to ignore the different sight attachments. In the video below, I’ve attached the Long Barrel and the Fast Mag. I’d also consider using the Laser Sight for better hip aim or the Suppressor depending on the game type.

So far the MP7 has come back to impress me, but as a primary sub machine gun player, it still doesn’t beat my love for the Chicom. But that weapon is for another video…

What is your favorite weapon to use in Black Ops 2? Leave me some feedback in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 Multiplayer – The MP7

  1. I just started using this on my 3rd prestige. I will try out the attachements you mentioned as I have been having some difficulties. Probably, my fault for working on getting diamond shotguns for so long.

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