In Celebration of a Year


I was in the process of updating my LinkedIn page and realized that the 23rd of this month officially marked a year of blogging and sharing my love of video games to all of you. So much has happened since then! When I first transformed this blog into something for gamers, I didn’t have much knowledge about the gaming industry and the community that had been developed for aspiring journalists like me. I had jumped into this blindly and I can definitely say that it was one of the best decisions I made.

Articles in general will be a bit non existent until the New Year arrives, but I wanted to celebrate a year of this crazy awesomeness that writing for all of you has been!

Here is the link to my very first article. It’s a fantastic coincidence since I’ve just gotten back into Skyrim. Thanks to everyone for your support! Look for more stuff at the start of next year!


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