An Opinion About Violence


This is old news.

A tragic shooting occurs, people panic, the government responds to the panicked people, the subject of gun control appears, and suddenly everyone is arguing about rights, etc. It’s a circular system that will never go away, and as much as I hate to say it, it’s a problem that I doubt will ever be fixed. Our issues, the ones that people suddenly want to change, have been so deeply implanted in our lives that there can’t be a simple fix.

Scapegoats are immediately developed. Instead of blaming the people that carry out these grotesque actions, people point fingers at video games and other violent media. And it really offends me that people agree with their irrelevant accusations! It becomes an issue when so-called professionals rant about video games and aggression like they would preach about smoking and lung cancer.

“People who played the violent shooting game were much more violent and more likely to aim for the head than people shooting at targets,” Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University and one of the country’s leading experts on video game violence told “Video games are excellent training tools.”

An expert on video game violence?  Perhaps they should turn the attention toward the actual gamers. Unless the articles are written BY actual video game fans, all of the media attention has been centered on the attacks toward the video game community, and the developers that help advance the industry. It is a simple observation of uneducated people prodding their fingers inside of a subject they know nothing about.

It is entirely too easy to pull out statistics when something tragic occurs, and our country relies on “scientific” value more than actual observation. Drinking this much soda a day can cause cancer, watching this much American Idol can cause the explosion of the brain (that one’s a joke… maybe), everything is centered around scientific experiments and it is always centered around the harm that can be developed.

Yes, to a certain extent, entertainment can influence people. Yes, sometimes murderers can really enjoy video games. Sometimes murderers also love chicken alfredo and chew bubble gum.

We have a rating system that identifies every single game you can find on a shelf. Rated M does not mean Monkeys, and Mature games require a valid I.D. to even be purchased. Instead of attacking the video game community, maybe these “professionals” should try to educate the parents that buy these violent games for their children. Maybe professionals should coerce parents to judge whether or not their children should even be exposed to video game violence. Maybe parents should learn to lock up their weapons. It’s as simple as that.

As gamers, we do not promote violence.

We are passionate about the stories that take place inside of games, the music that enhances our experiences with games, the art that makes the games beautiful, and the characters that make games come to life. I’m sincerely happy that the President and other figures are attempting to mitigate the issues of violence inside our country, but there are two sides to every story. I find it difficult to believe the “professionals of video game violence” when they have no true presence as gamers.

Feel free to use your psychologists to expose the negativity of video games, but don’t forget to speak with the gamers that carry weighted facts and opinions of their own. We’re not all drooling children. It’s an insult to our community and more importantly, it’s an insult to the victims of the tragedies that ignite these arguments.

To all of my readers, leave your own opinions and PLEASE share this article to anyone you can reach (Obama has a Twitter too). Now is the time to educate our country and to try to resolve these arguments. This energy and anger and desperation should be placed on the right shoulders. Attacking a community for the actions of one monster is unnecessary.

2 thoughts on “An Opinion About Violence

  1. Reblogged this on Darph Blog and commented:
    Having read the above article which is spot on with my thoughts on video games and violence. Since something bad happens its blame the games not the person who played them. The other part of the argument is that kids are playing games designed for adults. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Gears of war and God of War are all 18 rated (M for mature) yet kids still seem to be playing them. If the parents are picking these games up then they are the ones to blame has they should have the common sense that it has that rating for a reason. Yes they may let their kid watch movies with that content but the kid is sat watching not interacting and seeing what the consequences are of the action within the game.

  2. Absolutely! It might be easy to blame video games, because yes there is violence in a lot of games and yes, it’s possible that people who enjoy violence in real life might also enjoy it in games. However, that certainly doesn’t mean video games could cause you to actually commit violent acts. In fac,t I think the weight of the evidence proves otherwise. Especially since there are so many countries with vast numbers of gamers and low rates of violent crime. Also, I don’t think anyone would disagree that kids shouldn’t be playing games that are too violent, but I think it’s hugely irresponsible for parents to not monitor what their kids are playing or for getting the games for them in the first place. As you said, ratings are there for a reason!

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