Pure Nintendo Now Has Interactive Magazine


Fans of all things Nintendo have jumped on board to support the continually rising Pure Nintendo Magazine, and it only continues to grow! Pure Nintendo has just released the first-ever interactive Nintendo magazine. Readers can find the app on Google Play as a free download, and one year subscriptions are at an introductory rate of $9.99 a year. This includes 6 issues if PNM’s Nintendo news.

“Our tablet version of Pure Nintendo Magazine is fully interactive. You will immerse yourself in our content by tapping, sliding, and tilting your tablet from portrait to horizontal. So, prepare yourself for a Nintendo experience like never before. Single issues of the magazine can be purchased for $2.99.”

Androids will experience the debut of issue #8 which includes an in-depth interview with the Lead Game Designer for Rayman Legends as well as a bio of Samus Aran and a behind the scenes tour of n-Space .

The growth of Pure Nintendo has been amazing to watch, and as a fan, I encourage any and all Nintendo fans to subscribe. To learn more about print/digital subscriptions, visit Pure Nintendo Magazine, and make sure to share this with other Nintendo fans!


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