Mysterious Mass Effect 3 Pictures Released


Today, two mysterious Mass Effect pictures popped up, courtesy of Casey Hudson and Michael Gamble, who are both producers on the Mass Effect team. Obviously, they most likely tease future DLC content, but what should we expect? Players are still hoping for a “Rescue Shepard” DLC that will inevitably reunite Shepard with his/her companions and love interest, but neither one of these pictures really give away anything significant (from what I can tell).


The first picture obviously appears to be some type of city, and my guess is that it is a part of the Citadel, but beyond that… your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps this DLC will simply be another “filler” section that will take place before the Reaper’s destruction. And is that Shepard and Wrex having a nice chat together in the middle of the picture?


Several people are assuming that the next picture is a hint of the next multiplayer DLC, either teasing a new class or weapon, but all of my hopes are resting inside of the single player world. These clues are a bit disappointing since I am unashamedly one of the “let’s rescue Shepard” people, but if these pictures are accompanying the last news we heard of a Mass Effect DLC, then I’m confident that it will be a good installation.

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