Console Gaming vs PC


By: Steven Collins


Console vs. PC. It’s the gamers version of Ali/Fraizer, or Red Sox/Yankees or Duke/North Carolina. For me this is a no brainer, for not so obvious reasons. But before I explain let me take this opportunity to explain a thought before we come back to this idea.

 A couple years ago I made a video where I tried to end the console war. I put a ton of time into that video and I even made an info graphic to go along with what I was saying, which was backed by about twenty hours of my own research. (You can watch the video here.) I compared the PlayStation 3 to the XBOX 360 to the Nintendo Wii. I weighed pros and cons and factored in my own opinions on the systems. In the end I concluded that no system was better than any other, due to them each having their own distinct differences, prices, and features.

 Now let’s apply this to the PC vs. Console debate. I can honestly say that while I will have PC games like Portal, Minecraft and the like and I enjoy playing them for hours on end sometimes. I will never switch the majority of my gaming from console for one reason: I like to game from my La-Z-Boy. It’s a simple thought but for some reason I can’t game from my desktop or my laptop for very long. To me it’s just not as comfortable as lounging back with my feet in the air and a bowl of M&M’s (or carrots if I’m feeling healthy) in my lap. There’s just something about being about to couch or La-Z-Boy game that isn’t quite yet doable from the computer.

For me price isn’t really a factor here for me. It’s all about comfort.

Now, upon thinking about what I would do when the consoles start to get even more ridiculous and approach prices of $600 or more (like they did at launch) I simply won’t buy them. I didn’t pick up my PS3 until 2009 and My XBOX in November of 2011. I’ll keep playing the old school games and systems. I’ve got a Playstation 2, Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 that I still play, among my many other gaming apparatus. Those old games still have the same enjoyment for me as the other ones from the past. There are hundreds of PS3 games that I haven’t yet played through that I someday want to (as evidenced by the stack in my room of stuff I own.)

What I’m saying is that, I’m willing to sacrifice newness, the best graphics I’ve ever seen and any number of things for comfort. But all this is just the type of guy I am. Who knows, maybe things will changes and I can PC game comfortably from my recliner. Either way, I’d be more than happy.


3 thoughts on “Console Gaming vs PC

  1. Nice post, and for a long time I agreed with you. However, PC, and probably several other devices, are getting poised to invade the living room. It’s happening and it’s happening fast. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out some of the arguments Valve has been making for it.

  2. I really think your point has some good justifications. As a graphics person, I feel that my big comfy office chair provides tons of comfort. I have a USB Xbox 360 controller allowing me (if I wanted to) sit back on the couch and play games with my controller. Where there is a will there’s a way.

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