Call of Duty Ideas – Map Editor


Black Ops 2 seemed to breathe more life into the Call of Duty series, especially after the complete bust that Modern Warfare 3 was, but is this spark a new start to refresh this FPS, or is this a temporary shock that will soon wear off?

I once wrote in a past post that the demise of Call of Duty is slowly beginning to form (of course this was before BO2 was released), and I listed the things I would like to see included in future CoD games (I also touched on community-made maps). At the time, not too much could be developed, simply for the fact that you can’t just jump in a Call of Duty title and change everything… because then Call of Duty’s normal tone would disappear, and suddenly we’d have a brand new and unfamiliar FPS.

Of course when I think about that, a part of me wonders if that would honestly be a bad thing.

One thing Treyarch did right was the introduction of more customization in Black Ops, and it has evolved since then with more detailed emblems, gun camo, and the ability to showcase and share awesome gameplay. Now, every BO2 player has the ability to live stream directly to YouTube and Twitch directly from their console. But will these additions keep Call of Duty in the spotlight as the best FPS in the history of all time ever? I’m a little unsure.

Customization is what Call of Duty needs. Gamers need something that can keep these games “new” and non-repetitive. With the exception of the occasional map pack, gameplay can tend to turn a little stale.

My idea? Allow players to create their own maps for custom games.

It honestly doesn’t have to be too extensive. My mindset is turning back toward Skate 3 and the ability to make your own skate parks by using pre-made textures. Allow the player to place down grass – tall, short, maybe somewhat reminiscent of Call of Duty 4’s Overgrown. Let players place down buildings from tiny outhouses to two-story buildings with a different selection of walls, doors, windows, etc. Trees, vehicles, fences, stairs, anything that can create cover and build an interactive multiplayer map should be included.

Allow players to place down their own spawn points to accommodate the type of games that can be played as well as bombs and flags that are necessary for games like Domination and Search and Destroy. Then, let them invite their friends to play some awesome custom games. And with the ability to share gameplay through Theater Mode and streaming, why not create some way for players to share their custom-made maps?

What are your thoughts? If Call of Duty included a map editor, I’d honestly say that a good chunk of my time would be used creating some kickass maps to shoot people in.  😉


3 thoughts on “Call of Duty Ideas – Map Editor

  1. Yes, cod needs an editor and someone to get back into creating “giant maps” … Giant maps are what separated unreal tournament fps from all the others and increased playability and number of players. By creating an editor ppl will create “killing fields” as in Counter Strike… I’m an old time fps gamer. And I tell y’all, that’ll bring the spice back into cod fer sure.

  2. I don’t thing any call of duty will ever have a map editor because they just make too much money off map packs.

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