‘Tamagotchi’ Returning as Mobile App


When nostalgia hits me, I normally think of a few key things that frequented my highly imaginative childhood: Legend of Zelda, Xena, my Gameboy, and that damned virtual Tamagotchi pet that I kept accidentally killing. And does anyone else remember the Digimon toys that kind of resembled Tamagotchi? I miss those things…

90’s kids everywhere may be thrilled to discover that Bandai recently announced plans to revive the virtual brand experience with new apps for iOS and Android devices. Called Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. (Love Is Fun Everywhere), the simulation will soon be available on Google Play and the App Store and will include a familiar ‘Retro Mode’ feature which will bring back the similar gameplay from the original 1990s toys, as well as a new updated mode that will allow players to save their progress. Killed your cat? No worries… just start your game over!

An official release date has not yet been confirmed, but you can sign up for updates and previews for the app here.


7 thoughts on “‘Tamagotchi’ Returning as Mobile App

  1. I found you through GFN, and was like, YES, Girl Geek FTW! And then I saw this! This made my night, haha. I absolutely love Tamagotchi. I not only had one, but I had two gigapets and I had the original Gameboy game Tamagotchi as well. ❤ Happy times. I will be keeping an eye on this! I wonder, will it be available for Microsoft (Windows) phones? I hope so. ^_^

    – Britney

    • That’s awesome! The people at GFN rule! The app should be available by now. I had it on my iPhone for a while… but the notifications got annoying and I deleted it. No wonder most of mine died when I was a kid.

      • Oh my, lol. So it like beeps at you like a legitimate Tamagotchi? Aw, lol. I actually have a 4.5v Tamagotchi. It’s sitting paused somewhere in a drawer in my apartment.. >.>


        I still want to get it though. I hope they make it available for Microsoft Phones. I’ll have to search for it. Stay tuned!

        – Britney

      • I’m not sure if there’s an option to turn that off or not, but it quickly got annoying for me! I have an old Reptar giga pet somewhere in my closet that I may have to pull out. Brings back memories!

        Let me know if it does become available for Windows Phones! I haven’t really heard anything else about it.

      • Aw! I have no idea where all mine went. I’m sure they just got trashed at some point. x.x If only I knew what I know now..

        Well, I just searched for the app on my phone and no luck. Boo! Windows is always the last to get a new app. I can’t even get my bank’s app, lol. I did sign up for their newsletter though so maybe they’ll release it for us.

        – Britney

  2. Reblogged this on Geeky 'n Girly and commented:
    I came across this awesome girly and her blog, and also..
    Tamagotchi’s are coming back! But not in the format you might think. They are coming available as an app for your phone. 😀

    As of right now, I know they are available for IPhones and Androids, but not for Microsoft phones. Damn. I literally just checked.

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