Black Ops 2 – A Final Multiplayer Review


The Honeymoon stage between gamers and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has finally dissipated, and now the real opinions are starting to appear with a mixture of contentment, disappointment, and pure rage. With the perfection of the Call of Duty 4 days now far behind us, the expectations of each Call of Duty title seem to escalate, but is Black Ops 2 a solid game against its past titles? Or is it simply another sign of Call of Duty’s slow demise?



Ultimately, people seem to enjoy the game (me included), but there are always tiny issues that relentlessly pound frustration into the experience. Lag and other connection issues create highly inconsistent games that sometimes leave gamers in an enraged state of disbelief as they watch their bullets fly through the enemy team with no effect whatsoever. This is the only problem that can make me toss my controller away with disgust, and it seems to be a widespread issue with no hint of being fixed.

There are always things to complain about (it simply wouldn’t be Call of Duty otherwise), whether it be camping issues or overpowered weapons (something is always overpowered), but these complaints are mostly derived from personal frustration and not against the performance of the game itself, and while some weapons can be unsatisfying to use, Black Ops 2 presents a large selection of weapons and attachments to choose from that can easily compliment your unique play style.



Overall, Black Ops 2 successfully brings the fun back into the Call of Duty universe, something that was undoubtedly missing from Modern Warfare 3, and Treyarch does a fantastic job implementing customization and sharing tweaks that make this game feel new and fresh. Along with the return of wager matches and the new addition of League Play, Black Ops 2 caters to almost every type of online player. Whether you happen to enjoy the more competitive side of Call of Duty or you’re simply a casual player looking for some entertainment, Black Ops 2 should definitely be included in your gaming library.


2 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 – A Final Multiplayer Review

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  2. i have owned every cod game, blops 2 is the worst multiplayer of the cod series.I have stopped playing it and gone back to mw3 (first time ever).The hit detection and lag issues are awful, why haven’t they patched it? I have a couple of games of multiplayer where my bullets work and have a good game, then it all changes and my bullets dont work and i might as well just stand still and die. So until they fix it i will not be buying any of the map packs

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