Dragon Age 2 LP – The Beginning


Here is the introduction of my Dragon Age 2 LP. Every episode will contain my own thoughts and opinions about what happens (analyzing characters, storylines, gameplay, etc), and I hope that after you’ve watched and read, you will also add your own opinions below. Dragon Age is a perfect series to pick apart and analyze. The characters, the story, the way the game works, it’s easy and fun to sift through all of the details and transform it into a breathing entity.

Dragon Age 2 covers a span of several years, beginning with the devastation of Lothering and ending several years after the Warden defeats the Archdemon, and this is one of the reasons why I’m crawling through this title first. People tend to call the second game a “side story” in the series, but it covers such a wide territory of the dark atmosphere that could come into play later on. The activities that occur with the Qunari and the battle between mages and Templars inside of Kirkwall will obviously have a lasting effect on the rest of the world.

As far as the gameplay goes, I actually enjoy the fighting mechanics. I’ve never been a huge fan of tactical gameplay, and with a story as immersive as Dragon Age, I prefer a more fast-pace gameplay style. However, one thing I will note is that DA2 doesn’t contain the same chill factor that the first title had. The Darkspawn are repetitive and bland. Even the Ogres don’t carry the same amount of “uh oh” anxiety that the first contained, and the shades and demons that accompany the blood magic trend in this title are overused and… just blah.

Anybody remember the Broodmother? That chant still gives me the heebie jeebies… Now that was some awesome storytelling.

First day, they come and catch everyone.
Second day, they beat us and eat some for meat.
Third day, the men are all gnawed on again.
Fourth day, we wait and fear for our fate.
Fifth day, they return and it’s another girl’s turn.
Sixth day, her screams we hear in our dreams.
Seventh day, she grew as in her mouth they spew.
Eighth day, we hate it as she is violated.
Ninth day, she grins and devours her kin.
Now she does feast, as she’s become the beast.
Now you lay and wait, for their screams will haunt you in your dreams.


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