Dragon Age 2 LP – Running to Kirkwall


We’re still technically inside the prologue of Dragon Age 2 with the Hawke family still fleeing for their lives. Here, though, we see Hawke outside of Varric’s embellishments. You’ll learn that he is a very talented storyteller. Maybe Leliana could teach him how to be a bard… I’m giggling a little bit at that particular image.

Hawke’s mother Leandra suggests that they run to Kirkwall, which will contain the rest of the issues Hawke is destined to face. But we get to meet two new characters here: Aveline and her Templar husband Wesley.

Aveline is a character that will definitely become influential later, but I enjoy the fact that her strong demeanor is immediately announced in her introduction. Through her interactions with her wounded husband, a lot about Aveline’s character is revealed. To me, she is a moral anchor in the midst of the chaos that will surround the tales that will come later on, and while Aveline can sometimes be annoying in her beliefs, she is more of a comforting presence inside of the black and white beliefs of the town.

More darkspawn are to be fought here, adding some length (and some snores), but it’s nice to get a feel of the gameplay. Once again I will applaud the faster fighting style. I’ve just recently started Origins as a mage for the first time, and I hate the combat system in it! But it’s not something that should be dwelled upon.

Bethany is killed in this episode simply for the fact that Hawke is a mage, which unfortunately means that Carver will be a lasting companion in the game.  Bethany is definitely my favorite sibling and I really wish that she could have been included in the story of my mage. The actions that can take place in the future could have really developed a thick storyline between the two, and it would definitely be an interesting route to explore.

Plus I could do without Carver’s whining.

But the next episode becomes even more interesting. Flemeth is introduced, and inside this oftentimes repeated and dead world, Flemeth still manages to give me chills.


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