The Future of Dragon Age


Any BioWare fan knows that Dragon Age: Inquisition is in the works, and so far, not many details have been shared. But that fact isn’t hindering the creative hopes and wishes of Dragon Age fans, and several of their ideas have already littered areas of the internet.

One of the things that really ignites my fangirlism (it’s word, I declare it a word) is the fact that Dragon Age loves to keep you guessing. There are questions left unanswered in the series that could reveal some insane storylines, and there’s nothing more interesting than coming up with and hearing other peoples’ predictions. What would you like to eventually see in the Dragon Age universe?

At the end of the second installation, it’s obvious that the chaos between mages and Templars in Kirkwall have spread throughout the world, and I have no doubt that the consequences of this will be present in Inquisition. The weary rumbling between mages and Templars were present in Origins (though not as heavily), and it would be interesting just to see how much the world would suffer beneath the influence of corruption from both sides. Imagine a lot of blood mages running around without phylacteries!

And what about the quarrel with the Qunari? After the death of the Arishok in Kirkwall, Sten, the hornless Qunari in Origins becomes the new Arishok (as revealed in Those Who Speak). How will this affect the boundaries that are already trembling? Kirkwall’s events were concentrated in one small area. How massive could all of this turmoil become when it’s unleashed throughout the world?

My main question right now is: Will this be the last Dragon Age (hopefully not)? If this is a conclusion to a series, several different revelations will explode. What’s Flemeth’s story? What are her intentions? Throughout the series so far—primarily in Origins—Flemeth’s mysterious ways have successfully left most gamers scratching their heads. Is she good or evil? Could it be such a black and white answer?

Her and Morrigan’s involvement, especially Morrigan’s child could present a massive storyline, and obviously several of these questions would be answered. Morrigan was obviously successful at inheriting Flemeth’s mysterious ways, but what shape would we find her in, if she is even presented in the 3rd game? Perhaps the story will revolve around the possible presence of a “god child”, and maybe we’ll find ourselves thrown against another extremely dangerous being.

The question about Sandal’s story still remains. It’s obvious that he’s no ordinary dwarf, and he hints about a “scary lady laughing” in Dragon Age 2. This immediately makes me think that Flemeth may be involved in his future which only enhances the mystery. She does have a pretty creepy laugh…

And what about Orlais’ involvement? If Hawke encounters a King Alistair, some interesting murmurs about another rift between Orlais and Ferelden are heard. Also, take note that Sandal was beckoned by Orlais’ queen because of his ‘Enchantment!’

Will everything come to a head in the 3rd installation?

Also, what are the conditions of the Warden and Hawke? Hawke’s influence inside of Kirkwall will be noted outside of the town’s walls, but will he/she play an important role in the things that will appear in the future? We also need to take note of the fact that the Warden may not even be alive (considering he/she lived through the Blight) simply for the fact of the taint’s looming presence and shortened lifespan, but this could also depend on the game’s time frame. Dragon Age 2 lasted for many years while Origins focused on the year of the Blight. Who knows what roles the two protagonists could play? There are several possibilities.


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