Top 10 Maps in Call of Duty History


10. Village – Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 is no doubt my least favorite game in the series (apart from WaW which I never really got into), but during my very short run in MW3’s Team Defender, Village was always a map I voted for. The majority of Village is purely outside, with minimal overhead cover which caters to the players that enjoy their high air support killstreaks.

True long range gameplay was scarce in this map because of the several different obstacles that players could hide behind, but snipers seemed to flock toward this map because of the cover choices, and in particular, the high rock on one edge of the map.


9. Skidrow – Modern Warfare 2

Skidrow was a brilliant medium-sized map to play if your team was talented at map control. With an urban city setting, the apartments provided perfect close range combat as well as pesky choke points that snipers and campers would relentlessly take advantage of. Outside of these choke points, though, were large open streets where combat could become a bit more ranged.


8. Crash – Modern Warfare

Introduced in Call of Duty 4 and later as a DLC map in MW2, Crash is a desert town neighborhood that can cater to snipers and long range weapons. The majority of fights, though, are fast paced and intense as there are several blind corridors that can be devastating to rushers. Airborne killstreaks are not as effective, simply for the fact that the stone buildings provide suitable cover.


7. Summit – Black Ops

Summit is a narrow, snowy map that offered quick gameplay and easy map control depending on the game type. The middle of the map features a large research facility which offers minimal cover while allowing players to initiate longer range combat. With cliffs that players can easily tumble off of and two long alleys on both sides, it made this map a fun challenge for rushers and campers alike, and is perfect for games like Domination.


6. Slums – Black Ops 2

Located in Panama City, Slums is one of my favorite maps to play Hardpoint on as it creates a more close quarter combat environment which makes it perfect to use a shotgun. There are five particular choke points to watch out for depending on where you spawn, all of them surrounding the middle courtyard which houses the very first hardpoint. Map control is simple and a must if you plan on winning games like Domination, where the B flag can easily help you obtain a victory.


5. Backlot – Modern Warfare

Backlot is a fantastic map that is fun to play for nearly any type of game mode and can introduce several different combat styles. The middle is often spammed with grenades and the middle building is ideal for snipers and long range shooters that can avoid attacks from the mounted machine guns across from them. Cover is important in this map because careless rushing can easily become fodder for long range weapons.


4. Grid – Black Ops

As a medium-sized map, Grid is made up of a series of small hangars, buildings, and generators that can all provide suitable cover. Most of the fighting tends to collect near the truck in the middle of the map as well as the two buildings on either side which offers some fantastic CQC. Snipers, however, can use the snowy field on the east side of the map to pick off stray rushers, as well as guard their flag in CTF.


3. Overgrown – Modern Warfare

Overgrown displays an abandoned neighborhood with plenty of vegetation that can give players cover spots. Snipers love this map because of the cover that can easily blend with their ghillie suits, and rushers can often find themselves prey in the open areas. However, the buildings can offer some nice CQC, and the mounted M249 SAW can surprise the charging enemy in the back of the map as well as the one mounted in “Grandma’s House” near the farm.


2. Standoff – Black Ops 2

A border town between China and Kyrgyzstan, Standoff provides gunfights that can be enjoyable by almost any type of player. It contains several spots for long-range combat and sniping, particularly the two buildings by Domination’s A and C flags, which both overlook B in the middle of the map. This is my favorite map for Hardpoint as it provides nice grenade spots, CQC, and destinations that can be easily held if your team can retain control of the map.


1. Firing Range – Black Ops

Firing Range was one of my favorite maps to play Domination and Capture the Flag on. Set as a military practice facility, Firing Range is a small-medium map that favors close to medium range combat. Flak Jacket is almost always a must because spawn points can easily lead to grenade spam, and with several choke points, rushing usually ignites chaotic gunfights and overall, my favorite multiplayer experience on Call of Duty.

What are your favorite Call of Duty maps of all time?

Honorable Mentions:

–          Nuketown – Black Ops/Black Ops 2

–          Terminal – Modern Warfare 2

–          Bog- Modern Warfare

–          Highrise – Modern Warfare 2


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Maps in Call of Duty History

      • You are forgiven 😛

        Actually Village was annoying, don’t yell at me >.< lol That map was way too big. Two good old school Call of Duty 2 maps would be Vossenack, Germany and Burgundy, France. Not too sure if you played those!

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