Changes, Updates, and Some Mythology


The blog looks a bit different!

I figured it was a good idea to shoot out a personal update to the ones that actively follow me. The words are small, but you might have noticed that my blog has a new title. Phoenix Down is a new, catchier name than my initials, and in my opinion sounds waaaayyy more interesting than saying, “Yeah, I write on CKM. What’s a CKM? Well it’s me.” My initials might have been more suitable if I was super famous and people flocked to my blog just to grab some juicy inside scoop of my life… but obviously that is not the case.

Straight to the point: I love video games. I love writing. I love writing about video games. And I love being known for what I write. This is a step into a deep love of journalism, and even though I write because it’s personally fulfilling, I write for all of you. This will always, always be my own personal blog where I rant a little too much about Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but identifying myself in a different light seems a little more fitting.

Where did I come up with Phoenix Down? Well it came from the same place my old PSN name came from (BananakinSkygrrl for those who didn’t know)… out of my ass. It’s an obvious nod to the Final Fantasy games, but it also signifies other details that are more memorable and sacred to me than a play-off of a Star Wars name.

In ancient mythology, a phoenix is a firebird, which after a long life, dies in a fire of its own making, only to rise again from the ashes. It is often associated with resurrection and sometimes immortality, and often carries a more personal symbol of perseverance, which is (hopefully obviously) what I relate myself to.

Not to mention it would be a wicked tattoo.

For the ones that may be interested, you can add me on PSN at PhoenixDownnn. Take note of the three Ns. Some more changes may reveal themselves eventually (I’m always cooking up ideas), but the heart of this blog will always be the same. Thanks to my readers for all of your support! I appreciate each and every one of you.



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