Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC – A Viewer’s Review

Citadel DLC

The hype for this DLC has been hovering over our heads for a while now, teased by certain BioWare figures and pictures, and now the last add on to the original Mass Effect trilogy is finally here! I have one word for it: Bittersweet. While the DLC takes place before the end of Mass Effect 3, there is an aura of finality that really empowers the moments you spend with your squad mates, and on a very satisfying note… it doesn’t revolve around the Reapers or Cerberus’ meddling presence. Well, it kind of involves Cerberus… but you can find out about that yourself.

The initial story is a pretty funny twist, and I admit one that I honestly didn’t see coming, but what really makes this new mission enjoyable is the banter that is tossed between your squad mates. The humor in the DLC succeeded in pulling out a few genuine chuckles, and with your entire collection of squad members blasting enemies in one room… several words are exchanged, and it all just fits. The normal dampening aura of the Reapers is nearly nonexistent, and the voice actors did a tremendous job carrying a lighter tone while still conveying one important silent message: This is it.

In fact, there are moments that can easily be seen as events that could take place after the game. It’s nice to be able to think that Shepard and the squad lives and can breathe without having Cerberus and the Reapers casting an endless shadow of despair. Also, a segment of the mission feels pretty reminiscent of Kasumi’s personal quest from the 2nd game, which I adore. After the main action, a second part of the DLC introduces some warming and well deserved moments with the Normandy crew both privately and inside a party.

An actual drunken party.

Dancing, drunken words, hilarious moments, singing, hangovers, and pull up competitions make this addition incredibly enjoyable. Even Javik proves that sometimes Protheans can enjoy at least a little bit of fun with primitives. And Zaeed and the claw machine? I laugh every time I think about it.

But there are some extremely touching moments that can easily bring tears to your eyes. A datapad left by Mordin magically forced me into an uncontrollable moment of laughter and sad tears, and if you’re a fan of Thane’s romance then you earn something a little extra from him as well. A romantic involvement with Jack leads to some very obvious foreshadowing, and dancing with Garrus lends a mixture of humor and a collection of awws.

Overall, it’s difficult to talk about this DLC without actually revealing the good stuff. It needs to be experienced to be enjoyed. It’s a very obvious fan service from BioWare with several conversations and actions that poke fun at the characters and acknowledge things that have been pointed out by fans. I laughed hysterically when Shepard mentions that Jack and Miranda’s spats are simply stemmed from obvious sexual tension. The cheerleader and the psychotic biotic… I could see it happening.

Tali talks about cheese, Kaidan cooks, James shows off his muscular physique, Shepard is still a horrible dancer, and lots of alcohol is consumed. Every hardcore Mass Effect fan will appreciate this last piece of content so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can buy it for $15 bucks on PS3, 360, and PC… go get it now! Or, if you’re like me and you can’t, feel free to watch a Renegade Femshep playthrough below.


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