Top 5 Call of Duty Weapons – Rushing


Rushing and map control is an integral part of successful slaying, and the right slayer can easily tip the balance and capture easy wins in team objective games. Perks and attachments enhance certain abilities, but the best weapons can help establish a fearsome rusher. Here are my top five submachine guns for rushing.

5. MP5 – Modern Warfare


One of the more popular submachine guns in Modern Warfare, the MP5 is a decent weapon to begin with because of its suitable accuracy and high damage. The magazine normally carries 30 rounds, and if your sidearm is the M9, you’ll obtain extra ammunition. Recoil isn’t too bad, but simple habit to reduce recoil on any weapon is burst firing.

The MP5 was a favorite in search and destroy matches when equipped with a silencer, and was one of my top choices for almost any gametype.


4. AK74u – Modern Warfare


Unlocked at level 28, the AK74u has a magazine size of 30 rounds. It’s extremely similar to the MP5 and shares the same damage, range, and fire rate. Although this weapon is a submachine gun, it has the same mobility as an assault rifle, and is only similar to other SMGs in its short range, hip-fire accuracy, and movement speed while aiming down the sight.


3. P90 – Modern Warfare, MW2, MW3


The P90 is a powerful SMG with a high rate of fire and a magazine size of 50 rounds (75 with extended mags). This makes this weapon dangerous and capable of taking on multiple foes without reloading and can grant the player 150 rounds of ammunition, the most of any SMG. Packed with a silencer, the P90 becomes a powerful weapon inside stealth-required gametypes such as Search and Destroy, and was often one of my immediate choices while playing MW2.


2. MSMC – Black Ops 2


Unlocked at level 28, the MSMC has a magazine size of 30 rounds (40 with extended clip) and has the highest damage at close range and longest range in its class. At the moment it is the SMG I primarily use because it’s super powerful in CQC and the manageable recoil helps with medium range battles. Fast Mag helps with the sluggish reload time and I also occasionally attach either a long barrel (for extra range) or a suppressor depending on the gametype. But for someone whose first reflex is to ADS, quickdraw is almost always necessary to win engagements.


1. MP7 – MW3, Black Ops 2


Unlocked at level 4 in Black Ops 2, the MP7 has a magazine size of 40 rounds (54 with extended clip). The recoil in BO2 is increased compared to MW3’s version, but is predictable and can make it easier to obtain headshots. The iron sights are simple to use, allowing more options for attachments, overall making this weapon very versatile and dangerous in CQC. I tend to migrate toward the long barrel and fast mag as my two attachments, but I’d also consider using Laser Sight for better hip accuracy or the suppressor depending on the game type.


Honorable Mention: UMP45 – MW2, MW3


This SMG was a weapon used by many, and was often criticized for being overpowered in MW2 because of its range capability and its low recoil. It was the weapon I used the most in MW2, and for the sake of nostalgia, the UMP45 gets an honorable mention. It has a magazine size of 32 rounds (48 with extended mags) and is immediately available at level 1. The iron sights were easy to use, and a silencer was normally my first choice for an attachment. The high damage was what was normally criticized, but adding stopping power could raise the damage to a two hit kill.

What were your favorite weapons to rush with?



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