An Influential Culture


Scapegoating seems to be the only word I can think of to summarize the fingers and assumptions that are still continuously being pointed toward the video game industry. Politicians are quoting “professional” statistics that immediately blame the presence of violent gaming of influencing people to enact their own violence in the real world. It’s amazing how silly and ridiculous those assumptions are, and it’s even more dumbfounding to know that the suit jackets truly believe the garbage they are relentlessly spreading.

The word ban seems to appear more than it used to. Ban weapons, ban violent gaming, and ban anything that is remotely detrimental to a person’s life in order to preserve some sort of nonexistent cloud of harmony in our country, because obviously the horrible occurrences that have scarred our society are easy fixes. Where were these thinkers when this mess started? I’m thinking a bajillion years ago, when the world was beginning, when cigarettes were known to be made for women, when brutal fighting and death was a center-point in live entertainment, when the world was notably more primal and less civilized, these things were accepted and promoted. That was our culture. That was our foundation.

And violence in media influences us?

I compare this scenario to some poor loser sinking in quicksand. We’re too far under to be saved. It sounds harsh, and people may argue that things can eventually be fixed, but they can’t. I’m an optimistic person and I know that things can’t be fixed. You’re talking about changing a culture and changing the way people see life. You’re talking about taking away rights that were jotted down centuries ago. If anything, video games don’t influence us. We influence them.

Our world and our so-called leaders seem to have a childish approach when it comes to rights and privileges. Let’s introduce guns to the world, instruments that are intentionally made to harm and kill, and then decide to rip them away from a paranoid and danger-filled society. I like to think of this simplistically. You wouldn’t hand a child their first piece of candy and then yank it away because it could inevitably damage their teeth.

We live for our vices. We’re sinful, violent, ignorant, and animalistic. We’re human. Hey, gov’t… you want to use our hard earned money to promote some sort of welfare into our world? Oh, you’re trying to get elected next year. Nevermind.

I would love to be able to simply wipe the slate clean and learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of our ancestors. I would also love to transform into a wicked superhero after bathing in a tub of radioactive chemicals. However, it would be much more influential to understand that some things just can’t happen. Our only hope now is to play defense and hope that everything doesn’t blow up in our faces. It is what it is.

We write the video games. The video games don’t write us.


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